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  1. Hi spot on, vacuum pipe running along the top, 4" tear. Got a new pipe from BMW but it had a connector at one end that didn't fit, so had to cut it off. add a bit of the old using a jubilee clip job done. Thanks for your help. Jim
  2. Hi, spot on, vacuum pipe that runs along the fuel rail, 4" split, got a new pipe from bmw
  3. No, a few different faults popped up, going to check for a vacuum leak as both lambda sensors came up at the same time as faulty also misfires on cylinder 5 then 3.. Thanks for the help Jim
  4. Thanks for the reply, could you give me some advice on how to do that. Jim
  5. Hi put a new sensor on but engine light has come back on, camshaft fault was cleared using INPA. Paperwork with camshaft said DME on an E46 M52 engine might need re-programmed is this a dealer job? Thanks for your help, Jim
  6. Hi, Where is the camshaft sensor outlet on a 1999 323i , coming up as a fault. Burning fail on cylinder 5, possible reasons please , thanks for the help. Jim
  7. Hi and thanks for the reply. I had a another diagnostic on an old laptop and the faults came up in English. Jim
  8. Hi, bought a diagnostic from eBay and got the guy to install it for me, works but when the fault comes up its in German, I've asked how to resolve it and he has said I need to use ISTA-D, anyone any ideas on how to change the language to English. Jim
  9. Hi, Wife's just got one but the headlamps are grim, beam seem to stop about 3ft in front of the car, I've put extra bright bulbs in but only brighter. The two beams are level with each other whereas I thought the n/s should throw light further out. When I was changing the bulbs you could lift the bulb holders up, its as if they should be connected to an adjuster or something but isn't,. kind of hard to explain,. I've tried the adjuster on the steering column with little effect. Anyone know how to adjust the beam from the engine bay? Thanks Jim
  10. Hi. I have used clear silicone in the past and it worked a treat, put it right around the edge and a good dollop along the middle . Buy it in B&Q, B&M, cheap as chips. Jim
  11. Hi. 20c is my favoured temp. on auto all the time and use the centre wheel if I want to cool it down. Jim
  12. Hi. I use AC all the time, new pollen filter AC working better, clear windows. Jim
  13. Hi. ECP, cost about a tenner, order on their web site and they will deliver to your door if you don't have a branch locally. Make sure no water is getting to the filter, mine was wet so presume that is the reason. Jim
  14. Hi. Found my windows were constantly steamed up and taking ages to clear, so changed my pollen filter and the difference is great. Just a thought if anyone was having the same problem, worth a try. Jim
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