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  1. Guys, I very recently had new Brembo discs and pads all fitted round and all was fine first off. I now have a major issue where it feels like the discs are BADLY warped. They simply can't be warped because the car has genuinely only been driven very mildly (one long dual carriageway into work and home again). I'm getting quite severe shaking on the steering wheel and pulsing on the brake pedal when braking from fast to moderate speeds. someone has suggested the caliper sliders? Although I'd be surprised if they hadn't been addressed when the discs were replaced as the guy who changed them is a trusted specialist. I hope this doesn't sound like a really stupid question but my brake pressure sensor had been throwing up errors intermittently and I wondered if this could cause any issues with the ABS? sorry if this all sounds a bit retarded I'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to even the simplest of mechanical issues. I will be taking it back to the specialist in the next couple of weeks but I wondered if anyone had had any similar issues? If it does turn out to be warped discs I'm going to be very very pissed off because it will surely mean that the discs are faulty? Thanks for taking time to read this. Ron Edit. Wishbone bushes were all done when the discs were replaced
  2. Buy a pack of the yellow ones from Costco. Job jobbed.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure if the bushes built into the wishbones need doing. Is that likely? I'm waiting on a call back from a local specialist so I'll take it down and see what he says.
  4. I was led to believe that front wishbones for my 330ci Msport would be around £75 a side. ive just got off the phone to Sytners and they are quoting me, wait for it... £662 (including the bush kit) Im obviously no longer looking to replace the wishbones and just do the bushes. Is it a particularly difficult job? can they be changed without removing the wishbone and potentially splitting the ball joint?
  5. I've had a search but can't really find any previous posts on this. I've got an 06 plate e36 330ci and I'm getting a knocking/clunking noise coming for the rear when braking a low speed ie rolling along in traffic. What at bushes are there on the rear of these? Or is it likely to be that or shock mounts? cheers Ronald
  6. Anyone got a list of the type of LED bulbs needed to replace all the interiors lights and how many of each are needed?
  7. FLOL!! [emoji106] It's like a CS reunion on here [emoji23]
  8. Snow foamed, rinsed, washed (2 bucket method), iron x and rinse, tar x and rinse, washed again and clayed using Bilt Hamber clay and my own lube made from Poorboys slick & suds. Rinsed and washed again and then dried with drying towels. Got the DA out and found that I had to go quite harsh to get any decent correction. Used a blue Rupes pad with Menzerna 400 fast gloss polish and then a second stage of Menzerna 4000 polish on a 3M finishing pad. Went over the whole car with CarPro Eraser and because I was using Hydro2 as LSP I washed the car again before applying the Hydro2.
  9. Cheers dude. Yeah the rims are freshly powder coated and they do look bloody lovely Ron
  10. Picked it up on Thursday. It needed a serious detail so I set about getting it up to my standard yesterday. 10 hours later... (The rear tints are coming off ASAP)
  11. They don't sell poor boys at any high street retailers though, auto glym is aimed at the hobbyist 'detailer' who wants something off the shelf, not something you have to order online. Yeah fair enough but there's still better off the shelf products. Give Meguiars gold class a try. They stock that in Halfords I believe.
  12. lol I'm mainly a hobbiest but I do take on the occasional job. I'm certainly not on here touting for business lol I did a 135i a couple of weeks ago and the results were epic.
  13. Its worth having a go with a machine polisher and some compound to see if you can at least reduce the scratch if not remove it altogether. I've managed to reduce some fairly bad scratches so that they are hardly noticeable. You'd certainly need to know where they are to be able to see them that's for sure.
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