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  1. No experience with autos, my manual 6 speed has the 2.93 final drive and is plenty quick. I've never driven an auto so can't comment really My fallback is definitely shipping this back to Oz, it's an expensive process but a late 6-speed would be a rare car over there & I'd keep it long term knowing all the parts I've changed recently! Should be good for another 100k
  2. Never fitted to this car, I sold that to Paul for his turbo build
  3. I've come to the end of my supercharged E46 journey, moving back to Australia soon so I've cleaned this up and it's now for sale
  4. govich


  5. Nice one Paul, I bet that feels great, very happy for you. Enjoy!
  6. Well into the 400s already? Turbo looks nice in there! & nice work with the gauges
  7. Congrats mate! Gotta be happy with that. Make sure you video that first hit for us, once it's tuned and you're looking at some open road! 9.5:1 explains the slightly rough idle
  8. That sounds pretty good actually, the photos make it look closer. Cheers
  9. You might see issues with torque recoil under load and it bashing the bodywork and steering bits (possibly cracking things quite quickly), the clearances look very small. Worth keeping an eye on when it's running and thinking about solid mounts as a backup
  10. That valve cover does look good doesn't it.. and you can leave all the CCV junk off
  11. Postponed it for now... It's too much fun on these cold nights The ESS VT1 kit was about £4k delivered. I put Ignition Projects coils in for £500 (arguably necessary, the stock coils wear quicker but avalaugh's were OK) and if you do the headers, depending on what route you choose it'll set you back somewhere around £500-1000. Aside from a supercharger oil change every 7500 miles and doing the engine oil & filter more frequently, it hasn't needed any more maintenance. You'd probably get a high miles 335i for about the same price as all of that these days but IMO the E46 is a sweeter drive, doing the install is rewarding and I love the sleeper thing.
  12. Realistically the NA tuning stuff is nice enough, you might get a few 10s of hp & it'll feel faster because it's making more noise, in the real world all that power will be right up top and not particularly relevant. I bought my car with a flash tune that actually reduced peak power, I wouldn't waste your money. The Vortech-based supercharger kits transform the thing & make for a really nice road car, as quick as anything non-M that BMW is putting out today and your butt dyno will definitely feel the difference from right down low in the rev range. Peak bhp in the 300s without changing the exhaust, 320s with an exhaust change, still meet emissions if you keep the rear cats & 25-28 mpg daily is my experience after 10k odd miles without issues. Good luck..
  13. Turbo to engine size ratio looks good
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