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  1. And you will basically have to bareshell the car to swap the wiring loom over, everything has to come out. The exhaust will fit aswel but you will need to shorten the backbox by about 10inch. To save any warning lights on the dash, you will need to swap steering column or atleast the angle sensor, headlight switch control box thing, abs/dsc module, ecu, clocks, key and ignition, door lock and glovebox if you want the keys to match. And if you leave the rear door plugs unplugged it doesnt register as having backdoors on the dash lights. One thing you will have to watch for is rewiring the rear lights as the saloon has lights in the bootlid so if you dont wire those up you get a dash fault. And also the rear fog is a 5v feed with the lights on and goes to a 22v for the fog light so your fog will be illuminated at a tail light all the time the lights are on then goes to a fog light when you press the button. Rear wiper wont work either as the saloon didnt have one
  2. Iv done the 325ti swap to 184 330d from a saloon. You might not believe me but the compact is the saloon/touring chassis so the saloon will fit no bother. You will need to cut a couple of brackets off the subframe to get it to fit and the sparewheel wont fit when the subframe is in
  3. The auto box is bullet proof as long as you catch it before the two common solonoids fail. I got my 330d auto at 88k and replaced them straight away, the filter and magnet was clean as a whistle so got a good box. I get mid 40s mpg on b roads n into the 50s on the motorway. 80mph is more economical than 70 on the autos aswel
  4. Also, its a mcpherson strut on the front aswel, so the damper is fixed in relation to the wheel. The camber is adjusted via topmount, meaning the wheel will still rub running 0° or -3° of camber
  5. 30 odd quid plus vat each i think they are. I went to andrew pages at 15quid all in each for quinton hazell ones
  6. What colour is mine? I asked at bmw and they didnt know!
  7. Is there any air locks? Try rebleeding
  8. Gave the car a much over due detail, using my king barney DA polisher with menzerna paint correction, poorboys glaze and paint sealer with a layer of nattys paste to finish.
  9. I bought mine already on the h&r springs. Just be mindful of the rear spring issue that you might have to buy some thicker or thinner spring seats to level out the ride height, where as if you go coilies you can set it perfect from the off
  10. Cheers dude, iv just replied in your thread! For the money you cant go wrong
  11. Mine are et 40 with 8 and 9 wide, fronts fit no problems but when it went into the body shop i asked them to roll the lip back on the arches while they were at it, glad i did as the et40 on the back with h&r springs would have rubbed like hell! I got a slight rub but got the mallet on it, runs a treat now!
  12. Got the hang of it now, when you hit the link button above i need to put the img link in both parts
  13. Thats what iv been doing, copy the img tag but comes up with just a link to the pic!
  14. This forum is so frustrating!! Still cant put images on
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