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  1. FIXED: turned out to be a badly reconditioned turbo not saying where but I won't return, anyway I bit the bullet and after a long conversation I bought one from midland turbos who I would highly recommend excellent service and know there stuff, when I removed the old one you could see all the way around the exhaust side of the turbo is black soot where it joins so whoever built it didn't have a clue, anyway put the one on from midland turbos and problem is instantly fixed and my mpg also went backup as well thanks all for the advice really appreciate it and all the help
  2. hi alan i changed the thermostat to a wahler and the temp now sits between 92-98 so much better could you send me a link to the mod please thanks
  3. i never really checked the temp before the radiator change but i put a circoli thermostat in about 3 month ago and just been reading about them and apparently there rubbish so going to get a wahler one and try that as there supposed to be a lot better or am i just worrying about nothing :/
  4. i know these engines run higher than most other cars but i have recently changed the radiator so not sure what the temp was before but i am getting 98-99 no matter what speed i drive, however if i rev over 3500rpm the temp drops a little but apparently once over 3500rpm the ecu tells the thermostat to open, but basically just wondered if them sort of temperatures where correct.
  5. It's been quite a bit of a night mare if you have a quick look at my other post I put up it explains everything I have changed and that's basically everything, my turbo is electronic actuator swirl flaps are vacuum to a little solenoid thing then to the flap plunger thing but there all blanked now http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/61994-2004-e46-320d-no-power-untill-2500k/
  6. Has anyone else noticed there car sometimes feels slower than others, most of the time I can feel it pushing be back in the seat other times it just didn't seem to do that it's probably just in my head but just thought I would ask, I have done the vanos seals and disa so I know it's not that.
  7. i have had it on inpa and dis but the only codes are for 2 glowplugs, i bit the bullet and bought another maf my symptoms are not as bad now second gear is still not much till 2500 but 3rd upwards is more towards the 2000rpm mark i noticed there is a bit of oil coming out of where the boost pipes with the stupid connectors that clip into the intercooler, not sure if a leak as little as that on a diesel would cause it but how i see it is oil is thicker than air so if oil can get past air must be.
  8. And yeah I noticed my mpg isn't as good either the needle used to sit over 50 now it sits under 50
  9. If by Ecp you mean eu*roc*rpa*ts then yeah haha is there a batch of faulty ones or just a bad place to buy from and yep there is completely no diffrence at all with it unplugged
  10. I have been having a few power issues no power till 2500rpm even tho I have put a new maf on I am still having problems what I did notice is tho if I unplug the maf it makes absolutely no diffrence dosnt run any diffrence at all should it make a diffrence if I unplug the maf and would this mean it's a faulty new one
  11. Yeah I know what you mean thanks for quick reply
  12. Does anyone else on there 320d notice the engine note/noise changes about 5 seconds after starting the engine
  13. on the coolant fan in the engine you have 2 plugs a little one and a big one, on the big one there is 2 fat wires and 1 thin wire if i remember it is black with little blue stripe through it. what is this wire for what does it do. as been having a load of problems with power under 2500rpm and tried everything but when i took this off the wire came out of the plug and i had to take the plug to bits to put it back in just wondered what it does.
  14. maybe have found something i found a crack in the flexi part of the egr cooler now the boost seems to come in lower not exactly where it should but alot better 2nd is the same 2500rpm onwards but 3rd 4th 5th and 6th is around 1700-2000rpm more towards 2000rpm i have orderd the full egr blank kit and have found some pipe to get rid of the egr cooler so goign to give that a go when it comes and see if it improves it any more
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