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  1. This is a bit of odd one so wondering if anyone can shed any light on it, it's a 318i touring with decent Contis on the rear and normally with the asc on it goes round corners very nicely indeed. If I give it some stick the asc light comes on briefly and we continue as before (as you would expect). But there is one slip road to a dual carriageway that is uphill and fairly tight and if I go round there in the damp/ wet, even at very modest speed the rear end moves out by at least a foot. It is easily controlled and comes back in line but the asc light never comes on at all and there is no fake speed increase which would suggest it's not spinning the rears up. has anyone got any ideas? I have wondered if there is some imperfection in the road surface that the rear is just following but I can't see any (I only go round that particular corner at night so not the easiest to see if there was something).
  2. It can be a pain to get off, it needs a damn good pull to free it off. Other than that it's straight forward and took me about twenty minutes.
  3. It could be original but cleaned up, mine was scratched so I soaked it in hot soapy water and the rubber comes off easily. It tends up as hard plastic but looks a million times better.
  4. I know! I have to remember to read everything I write as it makes no sense first time around, funny that I should miss that one. And why change ipad to ioad I will never know, but it does far weirder ones. It's almost like it has a foreign dictionary from some long lost language.
  5. Thanks, are the water pipes fitted with the metal clip, jubilee clips or push on?
  6. Lol, if only life with this crap was 'easy'. It has several quirks including a spell checker that replaces English words spelt correctly with utter gibberish. It has been back several times and I get lots of shrugs and 'ooohhhh,mine doesn't do that sir' etcetc, as I type it is doing another of its tricks and making me press the space bar twice to get a space. As soon as I get paid next I am buying another ioad and using this as a jack pad when I next lift the car up. First, and definately, the last Samsung I will ever buy.
  7. Is it this one on ebay: 121753403934 Sorry I can't do a direct link but I bought a pile of s**te otherwise known as a Samsung galaxy and for some reason known only to the idiot who programmed my one it will not copy ebay links. As for white smoke etc, there is nothing. Temp is spot on and was still on the one occasion the coolant light came on. No puddles on the drive or on the undertray. It also makes a nice whoosh noise as you take off the cap, suggesting there is a decent vacuum in the system. The rate of loss is slow, I have seen cars pee out their entire contents in a couple of miles before. A problem with the part above would make sense as a small leak there would probably just be evaporated off by the engine heat. If it is it is only two bolts but I am guessing thy are a pain to get to. Any tips? Or any further suggestions as to possible problems.
  8. My 1.9 is losing water slowly. The coolant will go from full to empty in about 2-300miles. The expansion tank and cap have been replaced very recently. When I open the cap there is the whoosh noise to suggest a vacuum. There are no visible leaks. I have access to a pressure test kit but haven't tried it yet. Any suggestions guys? And when I pressure test the system what would it tell me if it holds/loses pressure?
  9. Sadly most warranties aren't worth the paper they are written on. Most only cover failure due to manufacturing defects as opposed to wear and tear or misuse. Good luck, hope it works out.
  10. I ran it up to temp and took it for a short run and all seemed fine. It's vetti mm g dark now so will give it a longer run tomorrow and see how it goes but it was holding pressure today without issue so should be fine I think. Not the best design in the world to my mind, it seems to have a lot of weak points compared to a separate remote header tank.
  11. presumably it would leak like a b****** if not seated correctly?
  12. Replaced the expansion tank on my e46 today and as was expected it was reluctant to come off but did with a bit of wiggling. When I put the new one on it took virtually no effort to seat. It seems to be all the way on and the clip engaged as expected. I am now slightly concerned that it hasn't seated correctly. The location tang looks to be in the right place and no leaks that I an determine but it just seemed to locate too easily compared for how it came off. Is there a definitive way to check it's correctly located?
  13. what were you doing with it? I have used them on loads of cars without any issues and know a lot of guys who use them in various formulas. I had a set on my 944 turbo at the ring and that was thrashed to fook all day without a hint of fade (unlike the discs which warped).
  14. If you can get Mintex in 1144 compound then they will be ideal. They are a bit noisy for road use (squeal like hell when cold) but a brilliant track day compound.
  15. It's not just the mixer set to warm on the vent?
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