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  1. Just recently had straight pipes fit on my 320d from the turbo and upon start up recently noticed a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust, once the car is warmed up it doesn't do it much however still smells bad, just wondering if anyone can give me a rough idea what can be the cause, I will be having it looked at on the diagnostics soon. the exhaust place said possibly a leaking fuel injector or possibly the turbo on its way out, has anyone else had this before? the car runs fine other than a rough idle on start up and the revs bouncing a bit when I first start it here is a video of it today
  2. anyone know what make or where this front splitter is from?
  3. thought you need projectors for HID to be legal due to blinding other drivers??
  4. awesome cheers, will be receiving them in next few days and will then fit when I get my car back
  5. not what I'm after pal just wanting to know if most HID lots fit every E46 or you have to get different ones from loon coupe etc, and also facelift or pre facelift. the guy didn't know what brand they were or where they're from as he didn't fit them just came on car so I took a gamble
  6. saw your post on E46 owners UK on Facebook, love the front end and I know you've said you don't know where it's from but dying to know where your front splitter is from. awesome car
  7. just seen on Facebook e46 uk group someone selling a full used 6000k HID kit for £10 including postage so jumped at the offer, just wanted to ask is there different ones for different models? mine is a facelift coupe, think they were off a pre facelift vert. cheers
  8. mine has been in just over for a week, spoke to them and they said could be another two weeks, bit annoying as I had it booked in for new exhaust on 24th and hate this mini
  9. just dropped the car off yesterday finally! the fella said I could be waiting two weeks for it back so I'm currently in a mini one which is surprisingly fast, has one of the new Eco twin turbo engines
  10. booked in for my turbo back at the end of the month, gone for dual tips will include a picture of it, there was 70 tips to choose from so had plenty of choice, the fella reckons he can make it sound like an M3, very intruiged to hear it once done.
  11. how much did you pay for the wheel if you don't mind me asking, and are they reps?
  12. was a BMW product that I got off of my brother, it's just called BMW trim and bumper restorer.
  13. are the pictures working? not showing up on mine
  14. https://www.flickr.com/photos/140500354@N06/shares/V9n1D6
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