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  1. Appreciate all the advise but I bottled it and played safe and got 5mm all round. Not quite as wide as I hoped but saves rubbing etc with the journeys I'm doing
  2. What would you recomend tyre size on rear? Or do you think i could get away with a 10mm spacer if i bought a 12 and had it re sized to 10 so i keep the strength it requires.
  3. I know this has been discussed many times but I can't seem to find the answer with the search function. Im looking to add spacers but unsure which size to get. I'm currently running 18" wheels 8.5f 9.5r et 45f/r with 225 40 18 tyre front 255 35 18 rear. I've also just fitted the sportline kit blistein shocks eibach Springs. The question being will I get away with running 12mm hubcentric spacers all round without an issue? I had originally wanted only 10mm but have read enough about broken spacers. Any advise would be appreciated or pictures of the same setup would be even better.
  4. Cheers for both replies. I'll maybe have to look at different springs.
  5. I've seen this has been asked many times but using the search function I can't get a definative answer. I have recently fitted eibach sport line kit consisting of bilstine shocks and eibach sport line springs. I also changed to meyle top mounts and meyle drop links. I have done a few hundred miles on them and they have settled down but not dropped the car massively at the front. My question is will getting shorter drop links (Hyundai) lower the front a little more? Im not looking to slam the car just have less of a gap between wheel and arch. Any advise would be appreciated and any idea of parts if required. cheers
  6. Car looks great nice find, glad you found one after what happened to your last one such a shame for such little damage.
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