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  1. Haha that's amazing... I've had the same ... was shocked at how easy they agreed to a price...I quickly figured.... I just kept saying nope no money received... please try again. But they kept insisting i pay 300 to release the funds.... yah I'm not stupid... why do I have to pay to sell my car... you should be paying me. Muppets
  2. Where can i find a mystic blue bonnet for my saloon , tried everywhere, but none avaiable ... why did i buy such a rare colour car lol.... Last resort could is to buy a more common topaz blue and get it painted to match? Or is that too difficult to do. Cost of this? Second hand bonnet around 100. How much would a brand new one from bmw set me back? Any help apprieciated .... Same for front bumper if possible that thats not a priority P.s i hate the snow
  3. Well i managed to fix it on Wednesday night... Bought a new alternator from euro car parts for 108 quid and fitted it in about 2 hours. It was frustrating and cold at times. Glad i got it sorted now :)
  4. Thanks lol... got it done in the end. Was a pain in the cold and dark... but 2 hours done it
  5. My car died... Alternator at fault... New one need fitting... but don't know how to do it... need advice
  6. How do I change one.... Have no clue what I'm doing... How does one get about doing this... so much stuff in the way of the alternator that I dunno how to remove... all videos on YouTube seem to show a design difference probably petrol. HELP PLEASE, LINK TO A VIDEO ON MY EXACT MODEL WOULD HELP !!! Lol thanks in advance
  7. http://imgur.com/VCyGQEk Anyone used petronas oil? Any good?
  8. Well tbh I've never checked it before, so maybe it was low already from the previous owner...(only had a it month) Only thing I can do is to keep checking it from now on and see if it's leaking and fix it accordingly. I do know there is a very random oil leak coming from somewhere. Was fine for about a week, but yesterday it had lost some oil again after a period of nothing, not much but topped it up to max anyways
  9. Was empty .. topped it up.. good as new now. But daym the cap was hard to remove
  10. Right ok... We'll do it tomorrowmorning since the engine is still hot atm
  11. My coolant light came on in the nothing but when I started engine and drove, it went away within seconds... This evening on the way home I started the engine and the coolant light was on... left it running for a minute (setting up satnav) abd the it vanished just like this morning. What is going on? Is it due to the cold? And is it the coolant light? It's the yellow one that looks like a factory with a chimney
  12. Car wash people that return your car dirty... and with a sratch I've never seen ???
  13. I only see smoke when i really give it some.... when i got it however was a completely different story
  14. Impressive at that rate will be well over 200k in 6 more years ?
  15. Over a 100 more than mine ?. One foot faith mine will also last. ?
  16. In the same position with mine. It was on 57.5k when I picked it up on the 18th August and I am now coming up to 61k..... Ouch!! I hate adding miles to this low mileage beauty:) Oh no... always sounds worse when it has low miles. I think once it's already high you want it to go as high as possible for a sense of achievement i guess
  17. Haha I think I'm going to brave it out as well. Well check the battery tomorrow see how it's holding up on voltage etc
  18. I'm looking to fit it myself tho so should just cost me the parts
  19. 300 quid... that's hefty Can't afford that lol
  20. Right ok... will check when i get home. What if i never see the light again... just assume it's fine i guess How much does a new alternator cost and is it an easy or hard Job to replace?
  21. I've hit past 134k since a month of owning it... that means I've done 1k already ?
  22. So I was driving in the early hours of the morning today... as you would on the country roads have main beam on appropriately... but as soon as I did this... the battery light which is next to the main beam light on the dash came on... it wasn't constantly on... just on and off like it couldn't decide. Tbh within 10 seconds of seeing the battery light I turned main beam off... which got rid of the battery light... but then it came on again briefly not long after. The whole thing above lasted about 2 to 3 mins i want to know is my battery screwed? Does it need charging or replaced... will i be able to start the car later today to go home. Or is it just a false signal.
  23. Yeah nothing unsurprising there.
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