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  1. That’s a great result. As said, Meyle HD are the best you can buy, far better than OE/Lemforder. They’re around £180 for a pair on Amazon last time I looked.
  2. You’re* i know it doesn’t exist on the E46 handbrake.
  3. Yes the dish on the E38 rims is awesome. You can try the tyres you have and see how you go.
  4. The car in the OPs link isn’t great spec either. No heated seats, no xenons, nav or HK. If you want to keep one better to find a good spec.
  5. If the rears are definitely 9” they’re off an E38. ( 7 series ) so are the more aggressive fitment on an E46. If on stock suspension a 245 will likely be too wide. Most run a 225/40 IIRC......
  6. Rears will fit, but you'll need a slimmer tyre. 4 fronts is a bit lame. It's all about the rear concave.
  7. I’m still about too. God yeah time flies. Wow 😮
  8. 1. No, the diameter will be very similar. 2. Yes, no problems at all. 3. Longer bolts won’t be needed unless you’re fitting spacers as well. 4. Should be all good 👍
  9. That’s been lowered already, at least at the front.
  10. As Momo says, Eibach springs are perfect. If you’ve no arch gap already something isn’t right.
  11. Daz 330 Cs


    Just go on Go Compare and put your details in, it’s pointless asking what everyone else has as what’s cheap for some, won’t be for others.
  12. You’ve kind of answered your own question, xenon bulbs in a reflector headlight is a epic fail, it’s a shocking thing to do as the light is scattered all over the place. It also dazzles other road users as you’ve discovered. Either fit genuine projectors or take the xenon bulbs out. It’ll fail an MOT as they are currently.
  13. Don’t even dare to try and use standard bolts, even with a 5mm spacer. It’s very bad practice. Just get longer bolts.
  14. No James, arches weren’t rolled. It’s a pain in the ass these days to upload pics on here, Photobucket links don’t work. Pm me your email and I’ll fire some images over, I’ve dozens.
  15. I ran 8.5J fronts ET35 with a 235/35/19 and 9.5J rears ET45 with a 245/35/19 They were very close to arch, car was on Sportlines.
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