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  1. Suns up so roof down

    A cap is a must if it's hot. If it's too hot the roof stays up and it's a/c and chill
  2. My new 330

    It does look very clean, and yes I'd say you stole it for that money, result 
  3. My new 330

    They're MV1s
  4. Wheels catching rear bumper clips

    Oh my bad for skim reading
  5. Wheels catching rear bumper clips

    If you're already running ET35 on a 9.5J rear and it rubs you'll need to get the arches rolled. That'll cure it
  6. 2005 318 msport cabriolet

    As above, it's only the passenger mirror that auto dips when reverse is selected. 
  7. Suns up so roof down

    Shame about the lamp post to the left of me casting the shadow. Tut. 
  8. Suns up so roof down

    Oh yes   
  9. Car sale to Poland

    Do nothing until you have cash in your hand or cleared funds in your bank.
  10. Harmon Kardon Retrofit

    It sounds infinitely better than a non HK equipped car 
  11. Police cutbacks

    I'd guess a sewing machine 
  12. Crooked steering wheel??

    Roughly how much is it out ? Can you post a pic ? 
  13. Lower arms problem

    Brute force and ignorance is usually triumphant here, if you can, get someone to lean on a big pry bar whilst you beat the hub like a ginger stepchild. 
  14. ET35 9.5j rear.

    Bob they were 9.5J but ET45 so an extra 10mm of clearance and running a 245/35/19. It was close though. Eibach Sportline springs and standard shocks. 
  15. ET35 9.5j rear.

    The tyre is a bit wide. You'll need the arch lip flattened and it might work, If not you'll need a slightly narrower tyre.