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  1. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    Sure I get that with the tyre sizes. It’s always best to have the widest tyre you can fit, that’s a problem running aggressive fitment wheels like these. I wonder if a 225/35 would work on the rears ? Still not ideal ....
  2. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    The above post by Jay gives all the links to his various Topics, again all pics gone.
  3. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

  4. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    Here’s one.... blame Photobucket for screwing every Forum, Dumbasses. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/44667-come-on-then-e38-style-32-copycats-post-here/
  5. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    Morning Bob, I’ll have a quick search on here as there’s quite a few topics. I’m not 100% sure but it’s been done many times
  6. 9j et38

    Any time fella
  7. 9j et38

    They’ll be fine bud sure.
  8. 9j et38

  9. 9j et38

    So I’ve just looked on Will They Fit.com, I ran 245/35 ET45 on a 9.5J, according to that site, a 235/35 ET38 on a 9J will poke less than 1mm more than my set up. So I’d say yes they’ll be fine.
  10. 9j et38

    It’s possible, i don’t want to say yes go for them, then you have issues with rubbing. I wouldn’t worry too much about load index, 235/35 on a 9J is fine, not even a stretch.
  11. 9j et38

    9J ET38 will be fine with the right tyre. I’d even go 235/35. Ps. The rear isn’t a coilover, it’s a separate spring and shock.
  12. Sticky caliper

    Sure I get what you’re saying about the rebuild, but it’s just a piston and a seal. That’s it. Plus they’re going to charge you at least an hours labour even if it takes less to do the job, some places will charge half hour at a time but most don’t. I was fortunate with mine, I watched Onkar do the job. Took less than an hour, I spent more time cleaning & waxing the inside of the alloy whilst it was off . Either way it will be done for you and it’s one less thing to worry about
  13. Sticky caliper

    I bought a repair kit for the n/s/f when I had my Cs, £25 from Brakes International, job done. Zero issues more than 5 years later.
  14. Forgot my password!

    Have you requested a password reset link ? Check your spam bin in case it’s gone in there ...
  15. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    The LCM is the headlight switch, it’s all one unit. As above it’s unlikely to be a bulb problem.