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  1. That’s been lowered already, at least at the front.
  2. As Momo says, Eibach springs are perfect. If you’ve no arch gap already something isn’t right.
  3. Insurance

    Just go on Go Compare and put your details in, it’s pointless asking what everyone else has as what’s cheap for some, won’t be for others.
  4. Are these legal?

    You’ve kind of answered your own question, xenon bulbs in a reflector headlight is a epic fail, it’s a shocking thing to do as the light is scattered all over the place. It also dazzles other road users as you’ve discovered. Either fit genuine projectors or take the xenon bulbs out. It’ll fail an MOT as they are currently.
  5. Convertible Coilover Fitting

    Don’t even dare to try and use standard bolts, even with a 5mm spacer. It’s very bad practice. Just get longer bolts.
  6. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    No James, arches weren’t rolled. It’s a pain in the ass these days to upload pics on here, Photobucket links don’t work. Pm me your email and I’ll fire some images over, I’ve dozens.
  7. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    I ran 8.5J fronts ET35 with a 235/35/19 and 9.5J rears ET45 with a 245/35/19 They were very close to arch, car was on Sportlines.
  8. EBay cupholders any good?

    They’re not expensive from the Stealers, fit OE.
  9. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    I’ve no idea Momo how I didn’t see the link, must have been half asleep still 😬
  10. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    James the second number is a percentage of the width. Most rear drive BMW’s will have wider rear wheels so the profile is a little less, this ensure the sidewall height are the same front and rear. It all depends on what room you have in the rear arches, you may even get away with a 245/35.
  11. one off leather?

    Wow...8 year topic bump 🤪👍
  12. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    James the sizes you’ve mentioned are the OE fitment and will be fine, these go on no problem. As you’re on Sportlines I do t think the 255/30 will work, I’d go with maybe a 235/35. Slightly narrower but still fine on a 9J rim and a tad more sidewall too. 235/30 would be far too low profile.
  13. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    Say what Bubba ?
  14. Halogen to xenon conversion

    They wouldn’t be D2S as aftermarket kits don’t come with these. They certainly weren’t “cheap and cheerful” as you call them either, kit was bought and fitted at Bmstyling. Ps. Nobody sad anything about them being as a good as OE Xenons. Bi was an extra too. Not standard.
  15. 325i wishbones

    The kit comes with new bushes too pre pressed into the housings, under £200 for the whole lot IIRC.