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  1. Key help - what options?

    And here it is
  2. Rear spring and adjuster fitment....

    I had a similar kit on my Cs. There definitely wasn't any bolts for the adjusters, they don't need any. The kit didn't come with rubber pads either. The adjuster just sat on the arm, no issues.
  3. 2004 320Ci Remap. Is it worth it?

    He's talking rubbish Dude, Its just not possible to achieve that gain with just a re-map. You'd get maybe 8-10 at the very best, maybe less. I had my 330ci done years back and to be honest I didn't notice anything at all. Don't waste your £££.
  4. Stretched Tyres Tips

    Yes, it's quite a difference in sidewall height.
  5. Stretched Tyres Tips

    Ps. A 255/30 on a 9.5J rim isn't even a stretch.
  6. Stretched Tyres Tips

    I'm not surprised you're getting rubbing, a 265/30 is too wide. Even an M3 only uses a 255. As above, a 255/30 will be better, it will be a slightly lower profile than a 265/30 as well.
  7. New 330ci convertible

  8. New 330ci convertible

    Welcome . Yes of course you can call it an M Sport, that's what it is. If you're changing the lower front arms, Meyle HD are the best available, they'll outlast anything else. £200 ish on Amazon including the rear bushes already pressed into housings.
  9. BMW E46 3.0CS - project.

    You've bought a Hovercraft
  10. New forum software Aug '17

    Agreed, that used to annoy me too. Looks cleaner Sam, good work.
  11. Coupe Sagging Door Seal Fix

    2016 ?
  12. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

  13. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    There's a topic on this somewhere. I'll hunt it out.
  14. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Purely because a Clubsport doesn't have M power, it's the same as putting an M3 badge on the back, you just wouldn't would you