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  1. E46 330CI CSL- MV Build

    Great build indeed, I’d lose that decal on the filler cap though. You don’t have ///M Power . Having said that the car looks damned good
  2. Cades Tyrus 19" Tyre size?

    A 255/30 is fine, no need to run a tyre as wide as a 265, it doesn’t need it.
  3. Cades Tyrus 19" Tyre size?

    Fronts are fine, rears don’t really need to be a 265, May cause rubbing issues. Even M3s only use a 255 on a 9.5J rear.
  4. 18k miles per year a lot?

    This I'm doing around 14k a year, 90% of it is sat on the M1, 5am doing 60mph on cruise in 6th @ 1500rpm, much the same coming home @ 14.00. So it’s had a very easy life, compared to as above mentioned something being beaten like a ginger stepchild daily.
  5. I don't believe at all its "strangled" to make the M3 more justified. That's ridiculous.
  6. 330i Remap and lowering

    35 extra ponies is a serious exaggeration. I had my 330 Clubsport remapped years back and barely noticed any difference at all. It’s money wasted on a n/a motor.
  7. Calipers

    A new piston and seal is around £20 from Brakes International, not sure why anyone would need to replace calipers.
  8. It may only be a Dealer only programmable option, not sure.
  9. BMW 330ci clubsport help?

    Oh dear, even after all these years Momo is still bitter about the superior Clubsport . Loved mine, didn’t miss a beat hardly in 8 years. In the best colour too, Velvet Blue
  10. SSG box

    And breeeeeathe......
  11. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    Sure I get that with the tyre sizes. It’s always best to have the widest tyre you can fit, that’s a problem running aggressive fitment wheels like these. I wonder if a 225/35 would work on the rears ? Still not ideal ....
  12. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    The above post by Jay gives all the links to his various Topics, again all pics gone.
  13. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

  14. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    Here’s one.... blame Photobucket for screwing every Forum, Dumbasses. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/44667-come-on-then-e38-style-32-copycats-post-here/
  15. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    Morning Bob, I’ll have a quick search on here as there’s quite a few topics. I’m not 100% sure but it’s been done many times