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  1. Photo Shop Request - Club Sport Splitters

    Andrew I’m no good with Photoshop but I did look on Google images and found several silver Clubsport with the splitters. I can’t send them to you due to the b******t small allowance of 0.13mb on here. Search on Google.
  2. Goldie.....

    Hey Fella, hard to believe all these years have rolled on by .....
  3. Goldie.....

    Wow, the topic is 8 years old
  4. Introducing The A6

    The car looked great before, without the stickers etc, Not a fan of the random plastic bits, just places for dirt to get trapped. Less is more
  5. 330i Sport Replacement Springs

    How is that even an issue ? Not getting you ?
  6. where to get parts from oem

    The Dealers might be an idea
  7. m3 seats in 330 ci

    I assumed you had heated seats already ? If not it’s quite a job to retro fit it all...
  8. m3 seats in 330 ci

    The switch for the heating is on the centre console as you say, for both. The button on the M3 seats you’re referring to is for lumbar.
  9. Which Bushes

    Powerflex bushes are all you need, far better than anything else. Fit and forget
  10. Black 330Ci - Super Deluxe 'sleeper'

    Great build topic man
  11. Jim’s post was helpful, he was saying if you want to be “sure”, to remove doubt. Asking on a forum isn’t always conclusive. Anyways
  12. Front wishbone bushes?

    No, you’ll notice a tiny difference that’s all.
  13. I had 9.5J rears ET45 and used a 245/35, ran that size for years, no issues.
  14. My 325ci Convertible

    It’s really easy, turn your phone 90 degrees, you’re done