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  1. Thanks for all the info. Yesterday I had the swirl flaps removed and an EGR bypass unit fitted. The EGR was coaked in soot and grime. The car now drives so much better in all gears with no stumbling at low revs. So hopefully problem solved. The only downsides at the moment is a strange sound when you switch the engine off. The garage said there was still a vacuum that was being released but there was nothing to worry about. There is an eml light is on but I hopefully will remap the car in a month or so and get it taken out then.
  2. Thanks again, Mine is the last of the 2006 E46. Do I need to worry about swirl flaps? I read that BMW did update the later ones. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the information. Would any harm come to the radiator flaps whilst I'm sorting the EGR? And would it be better to fit an EGR blanking kit? Thanks again
  4. Disconnected EGR vacuum hose and put a golf tee in each end. Took it for a test drive and the car is transformed! No stutter and excellerates beautifly! Then just when I thought it was solved I got home,switched the engine off and there was a loud weer after the engine stopped that went on for about 2 seconds. Any ideas Thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for your reply. Yes the fuel filter was changed at the last service. Apparently the old one was so bad it literally fell apart. I'll get an inpa and see if that gives any clues although I'm not that computer minded. Is it easy to use? To give you a bit more information it's worst when you are berely touching the peddle or when I'm in traffic in third and again not hardly touching the peddle. It feels as though theres either a blockage or its struggling to get the fuel through.The other thought I had it that the peddle has a little play in it so when I take my foot off completely and then put it down again there's an audible click. Don't know if that would have anything to do with the problem? Thanks again.
  6. Hi Forum You probably have had this topic before but I hope someone can help. I've owned my 320CD M Sport for 15 months now and I love it. But ever since the day I bought it I've had an annoying fault that I've tried to eradicate but so far failed. Simply the car starts and drives fine but at about 2000 revs and 45 mph it stutters as though the fuel isn't getting through. As soon as I put my foot down there's no problem. I thought it could be just needing a full service so I did that. Then I thought it could be poor fuel and it was a bit better on V Power but not perfect. Tried BMW injector cleaner. Had the car Terracleaned. Took it to a specialist who said there were no codes but Low Rail Pressuse and no 3 injector was maybe boarder line. So with nothing else to go on I had no 3 injector replaced and.....problem still there! So does anybody have any thoughts? Thanks BMWACT
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