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  1. Keeping my 330ci vert but looking at an e90 estate as a work car Found a tidy 318d, I know it’s not the fastest but it’ll live on the motorway and be carrying tools about It’s got the M47 engine with full dearer and specialist history so not worried about the timing chain issues like on the N47 BUT think it may have the swirl flaps still in place After 117k is it worth takin them out of just leaving them in place Also is there anything else to really look for on it TIA
  2. Coming up to the 90k mark now on my 330Ci Sport, so next week I've got a few things to do on it while off work, plugs, oil and filters, front drop links. While I'm workin on the car I thought I'd have a go at doin to CCV and pipe work with it Been lookin for the kit and the price range seems all over. Can get kits from £30 to £120 is there really that much difference between a £30 set up than one priced £100 more? the c3bmw kit I've seen people recommend on here mainly
  3. Thanks guys So, the standard ones wil be fine?
  4. Just got car from its mot It passed but got noted that it's been lowered and the drool inks are touching the arb i wasn't aware it's been lowered and to me it doesn't look that low (maybe the factory M Sport springs as its a 330Ci Sport??) Question is, which drop links would be needed and where do I get them from? Thanks RACK
  5. Is there any way I can bypass the changer cable/wiring and go straight to the bm54?
  6. Got my 330Ci stereo sorted yesterday and all up and running, updated sat nav, repaired and uprated BM54 from Baris and swapped the cd changer for a Grom MP3 unit.All was great until this morning, got in the car and noticed the passenger side speakers weren't on and every now and then would crackle then play about 4 beats of the tune and cut back out.Soooo stripped the boot again just now, checked the wires, connections and all seem fine. If I move the wires about it does seem to bring the sound back but totally at random and not when I do something specific.When you put the radio on all the speakers work fine so it's not the BM54 unit.At a guess I'd say it's something to do with the passenger side speaker wire from/to the changer/grom, has anyone else encountered then at all?Just as I'd finally got some decent music in the car this happens..... I wanted to kill it with fire lol
  7. RACK

    Removing BM54 unit

    Cheers Rich, that's my job sorted for the weekend lol
  8. So got myself a grom to replace the broken cd changer in my 330ci convertible, but while I'm taking the boot apart to fit that I thought I might as well get the BM54 sorted out as well, seen as my brivers door speakers aren't working Had a quick look in the boot last night and it look's like the Sat Nav DVD unit has to come out first as not sure the carpet will stretch over the face plate of it?After that is it just a case of;Popping the plastic rivets outRemoving the black trayRemoving corner interior lightRemoving upper plastic rivetsPulling the whole carpet to the side to reveal BM54 and changer (and other units)Using 8mm spanner/socket to remove the nut holding the unit/s inAm I missing something else there?I'm not the best when it comes to interiors and whatnotThanks RACK
  9. Been making my way through little diys on the Vert since having it. So far done the Disa valve, full service, upper and lower intake boots ect noticed a couple of posts on the net about the timing chain tensioner, so thinking of doing this next as it looks a pretty quick and easy job. Does anyone have the part numbers needed for this to be done? thanks
  10. RACK

    Sat Nav Options

    Feel free Rich, I'm still wondering on what to do mate
  11. RACK

    Sat Nav Options

    I have a 330ci Sport vert, it's got in it the factory sat nav and cd changer. Although at the min, the changer isn't powering up or being shown on the "mode" selection on the head unit.The sat nav works when the dvd is in the unit in the back but it's very old and tbh a pain to use.Oh and my front drivers speakers aren't workingThe 2 options I'm thinking about are;1) get the BM54 unit repaired/upgraded, update the nav and use a Grom or other device to get rid of the changer so I can use a usb to get music from2) get a complete double din unit that does all the lot and take out and sell the oem stuff.Only things bothering me are;How hard is it to ditch the changer and replace with something that will read a USB?If the updated sat nav easy to use?If a new complete DD unit is bought, will I still need the BM54 unit or can everything else just be removed?Sorry if these are noob questions, I'm far better under the bonnet that I am dealing with in car stuff. Fitting a stereo and running some speaker cable is about my limits with this stuff lolThanksRACK
  12. Pic of my old 323i couple popped on FB this morning, last pic I ever got of it. Only fair I tried to recreate it with the new beema
  13. Think this might work with the pics (crosses fingers) got the upper intake elbow coming this week, so that will soon be fitted also looking into having the resonator in the exhaust removed to give it a tad more rasp
  14. Trying to add pics but they're too big off my phone. Will have to reduce them and try latet
  15. Lower intake boot done this morning and cleaned the icv as well. Not too bad a job, apart from the jubilees being a pain to get off as awkward to get a screwdriver in. Took it steady and was about a couple of hours doing it as really took it steady. Also spent 25mins looking for a socket I dropped. Luckily I heard it hit the undertray so wasn't too worried, didn't manage to find it but if it's still in there after the shakedown I've just given it then fair play to it lol glad I did the job as the lower boot was just starting to wear, also the little vac pipe that goes on the bottom of the F connector was as good as dust so replaced that with some vac pipe i had in the toolbox. Icv wasn't too dirty either. Good sign to go along with my disa not bein crudded up as I'm guessing this means the ccv system isn't gunked up either. Still well happy with the car and got the upper intake hose coming this week as that's showing some wear as well
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