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  1. 2003 Golf V6 4 motion in Reflex silver with full black leather heated (at the front) seats and walnut trim. The car also has the following specification. You may find another cheaper but I imagine it will be difficult to source another in this condition with this level of maintenance. I am looking for offers around £2450 give me a call if interested on 0770 9420387Digital climate controlAuto wipersAuto dimming rear view mirror6 disc in dash CD playerElectric tilt & slide sunroofElectric windows with remote locking (2 keys)6 speed manual gearbox3 previous owners from newThis car is totally standard and completely unmolested with a full & detailed service history mostly Volkswagen main agents.Serviced at the following mileage:3239mls5412mls16,558mls34,484mls55,366mls78,242mls91,740mls100,708mlsNote the Haldex box has been serviced as detailed in the service history The car has also recently had the following maintenance:New CAT converterOxygen sensorsNew rear brake pads & discs front & rearNew rear brake calipers (both sides)Anti roll bar linksNew rear shock absorbersNew track rod endsDrive shaft CV boots
  2. Could be valve cover gasket and or CCV. Is there a smell of oil in the cabin ?
  3. I would not class my 320 saloon as slow its not as fast as my previous Saab Aero but I can still make decent enough progress.Funnily enough though I drove a 323i auto coupe and it definitely did not feel as fast as my current 320.Could be me but when I think back I remember making this comparison.
  4. Hook it up and get the codes read dude.Your local indy will charge you about £50 to do this or you can buy a cheap code reader off ebay for about £20
  5. I have the same car mine is earlier though but has full black leather and dark wood trim very classy.Currently I am suffering with air leaks and my CCV needs replacing all of which are common issues. Having said that its still a good drive and I love the smoothness and sound of that straight six.
  6. Afternoon all Wondering if anybody can offer some help to replace my CCV/PCV on a 2000 320i and maybe a hose or two. Beer tokens available
  7. Appreciate that Rich thanks I will put out a shout out
  8. Dont disagree Rich and im edging that way a little but if a friendly zoner does offer help I would gratefully accept with some beer tokens in return.
  9. Thanks but I dont think the codes pointed to the DISA and also a faint whiff of oil once makes me think they are right.
  10. macp

    Great rd trip

    Fantastic is really all that comes to mind
  11. And yes it has come back on along with running like a bag of nails in the morning but after getting to work leaving it for a bit and then restarting the rough running has gone.Warning light was still on though. I decided to take it to my local indy who hooked it up and advised it was the CCV/PCV but also would recommend replacing all of the rubber hoses as their is an intake noise evident when revving the engine. Total cost £500 which I think I can understand from their point of view but its almost half the value of the car. As the indy said generally its a nice car that has been looked after but its just age that is the problem. I guess these are my options: Option 1. flog the car with advised faults and take a hit but then I will have to find more money to replace it Option 2. attempt fix myself, I am a man with moderate spannering skills
  12. Yeah bruv I made him look like he was going backwards innit
  13. Onkyo & Wharfedale is serious audio kit dude I used to be into Nad & Mission kit. Believe it or not I had to sell it all because of space issues. I bought a Bose docking station and im still amazed at how it sounds.
  14. Biggest difference is yours will have the more powerful valvetronic engine whereas the earlier car has the underpowered but very reliable 1.9 8v engine.
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