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  1. Hopefully be their the week before the bank holiday weekend in august, or early September
  2. Thought i would share this on here for all the wannabe racing drivers! http://www.bmwcup.co.uk/#!scholarship/c97lo would be a dream come true for many of us who could never afford to go racing!
  3. I've just been watching your vids on youtube avalaugh nice driving! it's a shame I missed you by a couple of weeks,would be good to do some laps with another 330, were about the same btg times Aswell. Ive just got back on Friday what a awesome week! I took the missus and kids along this time,as a change of plans meant I had to cancel my trip in September. We stayed at the centre parks eifel which is about 15 mins drive away from nurburg. The park is perfect for kids and familys I would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking the family on a ring trip. I managed to get my first laps in on Sunday evening after rad am ring had finished. But straight away on the first lap yellow lights from adenau forest all the way to brunnchen! And then track closed for 20 mins. Some unlucky guy in a uk scooby had broken down at brunnchen 2. This is my 3rd lap of the night after that the track had closed for the night. But still buzzing from my laps I decided to take a slight detour on the way home. Monday night and back out for some more laps,this is my quickest so far on the nordschleife im starting to get which way it goes now just don't want to become a member of the bongard club https://m.facebook.com/TheBongardClub/ Hopefully will get to do a track day their soon and get some tuition to see where I can improve. Tuesday night gp track time! I've always wanted to have a go on the gp track,but it's never been open when I've been their before. It's seems it's a bit of a marmite track,when you speak to people about it but I really enjoyed it on their. Hopefully will get to do the full vln layout one day. Anyway enough rambling on,here's my video of how not to drive,the gp track with some nice drifts from a new focus rs and e46 m3
  4. All the tourstifahrten dates are now online for anyone yet to book. http://www.nuerburgring.de/en/drives-fun/drives/touristenfahrten/tourist-rides-nordschleife/opening-times-nordschleife.html
  5. Had a good day at cadwell park on Friday, here's a video of my one of my sessions of the day. http://youtu.be/OSltJLm2keM
  6. Thanks for this guide It come in handy today. Finished just before the rain
  7. Dale on www.bridgetogantry.com has a good guide for planing your trips, when their is no official touristfahrten dates online on the Nurburgring.de site. .
  8. Just booked next years ring trip for September. I will be their for the 6 hour vln race on Saturday 3rd till the Wednesday hopefully get some quiet laps in in the evening tf sessions. Anyone else booked or going next year?
  9. Hello all I've booked my first track day for 2016, at cadwell with javelin. Is anybody else going? It's my first time at cadwell park, I've been wanting to go their for a while now, it's still £89 early bird price too
  10. Cheers avalaugh weekday evenings are best for traffic! on a busy weekend it's rare you get clean lap, unless you get up early.
  11. I wish I was still out their! I got their Saturday afternoon to catch the vln and stayed till Wednesday would of been good to try n keep up for a lap if I'd spotted you. My car is standard everything at the moment bar pads and brake fluid. Roll on 2016 for the next trip. Does anyone know if you can get endless pads in the Nurburgring compound for a stock 330 calliper?
  12. They still give a good bite when hot for me, however I normally do 2 laps then come back in for a breather. Have you got an external mic for your camera? Yours sounds like an m3 compared to mine on video! I've not had the chance to drive the gp track yet but it's on the to do list! I think last weekend tf was the vln layout, which would be nice to drive. Nice driving btw how many laps have you done so far?
  13. Hi I've had no issues at all with my ds2500 their a bit noisy when hot though! They have lasted 2 ring trips so far I must not be trying hard enough! Have u got any vids of your ring laps?
  14. Hello all I'm Ashley im 27 from Shrewsbury. I have a 330ci msport coupe, which I've had for 3years now. The car is still stock bar upgraded pads and brake fluid, and I had my steering wheel retrimed by jack @ Royal steering wheels. This is my first visit on here and will get reading threads/stickys and hopefully start a build thread on my car. Cheers
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