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  1. I have had a couple of SMART cars, a fortwo and a roadster. Don't compare auto boxes to those, they are absolutely s**te! BM are totally different, that being said, manual for me every time.
  2. So I am after getting a few bits together as I will be on leave from work for about a month over Xmas so want to do some stuff to the 330cd. I have swirl flap blanking plates ready to do that job, but some help please for other stuff. I am going to go for the Eibach Pro Kit for lowering springs, have had a bushes changed over the last month or so, so I think I am ready. Is Ebay the best place/price for these? Also want to fit halo rings to my headlights but really don't know what ones are the best. Doing some research just turned into a mind field. I don't want the colour changing ones, just the right ones for my facelift lights. Any help/links would really be great. I know I will have to get the hairdryer out to split my lights. Thanks for the help.
  3. Well got the BMW back from the painters, s cons time lucky. It looks so much better now and the colour is a match. I am very happy this time round, that e-mail I did to there customer services complaining has paid off.
  4. Can't wait till this is all sorted then can start to spend some real money, coilovers ect. For the moment still doing little bits, this was missing since the day I bought it, not any more.
  5. Well after putting a compliant in it seems that BMW are going to respray my car again. I went to a couple of other garages and they both said they could match the paint better that it was. So this was put in a e-mail to BMW customer services along with some pictures and it is to be done again now next month. i am hoping to get the front bumper done at the same time. Here are a couple of pics of how I got it back.
  6. Great work, car is looking very nice.
  7. I don't think the colour match is perfect to more I look at it. Old paint and new paint I guess!
  8. Well I think they have done a good job. Wish I had got them to respray the front bumper now and just paid for that myself.
  9. Well the car has been in since Wednesday for the corrosion warranty. I was told I was getting it back Friday but on Friday got a phone call to say the bumpers, bonnet and doors were still off and it will be Wednesday till the body shop will be all done. So that's a few more days driving the 5 door MINI one D I have, now with 400 miles on the clock. Here are some pictures of the rust I took the morning of it going in. Will post up pictures when I get the BM back.
  10. Love this e46. Easily one of my favourites. Camers looking really good, got a link from where you got them?
  11. Cheers, I will take a look at all the options.
  12. Sorry people because I am guessing this has been asked a million times but have had a search and can't find a thread. If these is a thread or two, (I'm sure there must be) post the link, cheers. I have a 330cd and will be getting coilovers for it but wanted to know what people recommend and if you have any links to when is the best place to buy. I have thought about springs but would like the adjustability. They must come with adjustable top mounts camber plates. Budget I would think is upto £500 but if there is something good out there for less, great. This car will never see the track so don't need to spend thousands. Thanks.
  13. 2 new rear tyers ordered and being delivered tomorrow because since I got the wheels they all had 225's on so will be back on 255 tears. After the paint work is done at the end of the month it will be time to get coilovers. Any recommendations out there? They must come with adjustable top mounts camber plates.
  14. Lower grill is now black again instead of grey.
  15. ^ This. Car is sold as seen.
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