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  1. diff mount bushes, prop is movng because the diff is moving
  2. Well purchased the car in 2010 with 32K on the clock Remapped at 32,600 Changed wheels, brakes, suspension and exhaust in first year and did interior upgrade a couple years back Today the old girl broke the Qtr of million miles, (still doing 49 MPG) Couple of pics at 250K,
  3. if you seen how sloppy some of the BMW garages are and what they try and get away with you would either do yourself or find an independent E46 unless M3 are not worth a lot, so i would suggest local or yourself National are doing oil and filter for £60, just add in a air filter, pollen and fuel which takes about 1 hr to do yourself
  4. To be fair the oil industry has been creaming it for last few years, i dont feel sorry that its dropped to $60 a barrel. It dropped to from 1.37 to around 1.21 here for diesel, 16p a litre is noticeable when you do 100 litres a week,
  5. its a great looking car but E46s are long in the tooth, i doubt you will see £5K plus for it. £5K gets you a lot of car these days and enthusiasts may pay £5K, but we all wear rose tinted glasses when we think what the value of our car is worth. If you can find an enthusiast then great, if not its a £4K car given time of year and age
  6. yup opinions are like arseholes but also depends on which sex you poke ha ha Your a bad man Rasa
  7. To be honest its your car and fit what you want, I do 40K a year, (Done 170K personally in my 330d) have a race car a road bike and a track bike, therefore quite a few miles and lots of tyres I truly believe if you ave been running a mid range tyre then the Nankang's will feel pretty ok when new compared to your worn Khumo/Falken, but in real terms they are a mile away from Michelin/Goodyear and Continental. It also depends on your style of driving, my mum could drive my car for 12 month and not notice the difference between a Conti and a Remold as she barley goes over 60mph, works in the centre of Birmingham and mainly in traffic. I however live in the country do massive mileage inc lots of motorway, and its said i on occasion drive enthusiastically, this is when you see the differences between the tyres, especially in wet weather and standing water. My experience of Nankang (yes i did try them) was after a few thousand miles the grip dropped off and never ever had the confidence in them, the road noise was a lot higher as well, i ditched them with 5.8mm left (sold them on ebay actually), i think the best of the midrange were Falken's even though i didn't get massive mileage out of them. (just under 10K on rears) Even though i have tried them and have an open mind, i have gone back to Conti or Goodyears (Goodyears seem to last 2-3K more than Conti, also Contis at just above legal limit arent quite as Goodyears but for out and out grip down to 2mm there excellent) We have also tried lots of road tyres on wet track days in a 400bhp FWD car with a gripper diff when its to wet for semi slicks, and the rainsports are excellent So as said, its up to you what you fit and if your happy then great its your car and its you opinion, we all look for different things. For me Road Car Conti or Goodyear (Michelin are excellent but more expensive) (330d remapped, decat, performance system, EGR Delete) Track Car - Dunlop DGZ03 (semi Slick) (400bhp FWD, 32psi boost and 350 ft lb ) Track Car Wet road tyres - Rainsports or Full wets (not road legal) Road Bike - Michelin Power pilot 3 (or road pilot3) (110bhp) Track Bike Pirelli Super Corsa Diablo SC1.s (soft Compund) (125 bhp) Just remember opinions are like arseholes, (we all have one lol)
  8. I would struggle to pay over 5K for that, i think worth high 4s
  9. Blue flame is quiet, I took out rear boxes and it sounds a bit better but not worth the money I got mine half price wouldn't pay £400 for one
  10. Hard one this Contis are excellent but must say the F1s have really impressed me Either or I would suggest I did prefer the 3s over the 5s, loving the F1s
  11. Couple more parts we have ready Couple parts to collect Friday Few bits to take from this Something to help with charge temps
  12. i got mine from bmcables website direct, works perfect
  13. I changed from standard exhaust to complete blueflame. I then removed the blueflame boxes To be honest apart from blueflame exhaust is half the weight and has some nice pipes its not really worth it Decat is worth the £130 (or whatever it is) If you do go remap you will end up going for new clutch and fly not long after , no point in having remap if you have to 3/4 throttle everywhere
  14. oh right, could understand why we had quite a few come up on ebay and the zone
  15. Was looking at these however seems a few come up for sale Are they not that good Is it just another cheap Chinese system like the early dynavin or have they improved?
  16. Bloody hell, mines all clear, i clear out everytime i oil change at 10K intervals
  17. Intercoolers are a bit lame to be honest, i have senn high 90s when pushing, i fitted an air charge sensor a while back, i have got new intercooler on my to do list I remapped at 32K and turbo handed its notice in at 150K
  18. thats fine just got OBD torque app noticed it peaks 23 psi, holds 22psi then drops off to 20psi up the revs
  19. What is the standard boost pressure on an e46? What do they generally run with a remap? Thanks
  20. We estimate 830kg now however we are looking for approximately 360-380 bhp, people say it will do 400, there talking horses**t But 380@830kg would be good
  21. The fibreglass dash came blank, made brackets, loom, mounted gaged so it's all on a quick disconnect to access the electric power steering pump and pedal box
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