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  1. So on Friday I topped up the oil in my car as you do put the oil cap on and went to work. Last night I went to pick my sister and her freind up from a night out and my oil light came on so I stopped to check and my oil cap was gone but I had to drive quite a way to get home I kept stopping to top up oil every time the light came on and made it home but could there be any possible damage done? Going to get the mechanic to have a look but was just wandering?
  2. hey whats the ride like with the sport lines? :)
  3. hi buddy Nice cars Love Golfs also from cornwall :)
  4. Any updates on this Buddy? also where did you pick the m sport bumper up =D? was it ebay ?:)
  5. Haha I feel your pain! one day one day! I'm looking forward to chatting to everyone on here
  6. hi guys I bought my first bmw last week and came across the forum so thought id sign up and say Hey I have a 318i not quite the 6 cylinder I wanted but insurance for me isn't to great on those as I'm only 20 so babysteps I suppose I haven't done anything to it yet but I have ordered some Angel Eyes and I want to get the MTech II Bumpers and some new alloys as a start but anyway here she is ^^
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