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  1. But you won't find one.. Club sports look far better than a standard 330 that you see down every single road in England lol
  2. Have ordered a new Golf R :-)
  3. Going to be selling this very soon, so may be putting a for sale ad up.
  4. missfire will be the coilpacks or the spark plugs. Change the plugs first. Thats probably whats causing the EML
  5. nice vid but hardly news is it! And also you should change your title as this is NOT a tuning box. Those actually do serve a function.
  6. Yes its easy mate. you just disconnect the battery so the airbag is more than safe to remove.
  7. Yeah it was jack at royal and it was £135 Exchange. You pay a £150 deposit and he sends you a full done wheel and you just send yours back and get the deposit back. It's transformed the car. Feels so much better and much more modern!
  8. Have just fitted my new steering wheel.. Thicker wheel, Perforated sides with black nappa and black stitching as well as leather clad 'M' piece below horn. The quality is astounding! Before: After:
  9. Are you serious? I'm sure I've been on DW longer than you have. So your telling me after you've polished and then waxed your car, you put on SRP as a glaze??? LMFAO. Your doing it wrong mate.
  10. You do know the P in SRP stands for polish don't you.......LOL
  11. Clearly have no idea what you're talking about. All polishes are compounds of some sort with differing levels of "cut" (meaning how much paint they will remove). I wouldn't advise anyone to use t-cut because it's very aggressive and you'll end up taking away more than what's needed, it's like slicing a loaf of bread with a chainsaw... Polish doesn't add any layer of protection, that's wax you're on about. I think any advice about detailing is best kept to yourself until you learn a little (lot) more about it. Sent from my GT-N7100 with a cracked screen using Tapatalk 2 And your also wrong. Some cut and some fill. SRP for example is a filler not a cutter!
  12. I would! mines been faultless!
  13. Bargain! must be the only E46 to have a set of them on surely?
  14. AdDaMan

    My Supra

    Lovely. (apart from the bonnet vents!) love the colour, and that will defo make over 500 imo.
  15. wow! i have averaged 18mpg on the last couple tanks purely short town trips Only like 2 mile drive to the train station in the morn.
  16. wow. nice upgrade. very jealous!
  17. This is the kit Rob bought... http://www.retrofitlab.com/retroquick-kits/bmw-e46-bi-xenon-mh1-1.html Just the projectors on there own are 90 euros.
  18. Those dont come with the actual projectors though...you do know that right? Yes indeed Cool. What are you doing about the projectors? wouldnt mind doing this myself but the kit is quite pricey.
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