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  1. You hit the nail on the head.... supercharger kit waiting to be installed, just need some time. In the end I decided to stick with OEM and replace the existing rad and expansion tanks to be on the safe side. The plan is to monitor the oil / coolant temps very closely following conversion to see what needs to happen for reliable track work without debilitating heat soak or killing the engine... Pre conversion dyno very encouraging, car has retained nearly all it's power, AFR and power delivery very smooth.... will post more when there's progress. 👍
  2. I'm planning to refresh my cooling system to make sure it's in top condition prior to some engine upgrades. I've already sourced a replacement water pump and thermostat. I think it's probably also prudent to replace the radiator and expansion tank which are of unknown age and condition. They may well be the originals as fitted in 2000 and nearing 100k miles plus plenty of track time too! Trying to figure out whether it's worth going for the all aluminium type rads or just sticking with OEM Hella or something like Nissens with a good reputation? I'd love the best cooling possible for the planned engine mods but would value any experience you may have of improving your cooling using such rads. Rad choices are 1. - OEM style replacement as per existing with plastic sides, either Hella or Nissens for approx £65 2. Ebay sourced all aluminium with various sizes available from 40-56mm core but not exactly clear what will fit easily without some modifications approx £150 3. Mishimoto all aluminium rad backed by lifetime guarantee which does add some extra cooling capacity and should fit standard car without mods but comes at price - £300 Clearly an all Al rad might be removing a weak point in the system and giving a larger cooling surface area to remove heat they may not be made equal? Also true that you'll only remove heat as far as allowed by the airflow over the rad and suitable low pressure areas to remove heat from under bonnet so just chucking a bigger rad in might be pointless!? (might add bonnet venting to help with this). Any experiences / recommendations ?
  3. This thread has been far too quiet for far too long....... over the coming months I should have some exciting updates to post though.... I'll just leave this here as a teaser... 🙂
  4. Wow, so long since I've visited the track and no updates here but around 18 months ago I source the rear Safety Devices cage, a seat and some harnesses, hope to get some of this season on circuit and have started shopping for a s54 engine / gearbox upgrade so if anyone has sage advice re s54 build then fire away.
  5. I've put track days on hold for a while distracted by summer... and an ABS fault. Considering my options for a cage as well at the moment and probably just going to stick with the rear cage from Safety Devices. AT approx £330 quid looks reasonable value.. not sure on fitting costs at this stage though.
  6. Haven't been very active here of late, just seen this... not good news. Did you get the plate kit in and sorted in the end?
  7. Sounds like I missed a great evening sadly. What's the damage for a set of DS2500? I've been thinking about trying an alternative to the Yellow Stuffs for comparison sake. I do seem to spend my whole life changing brake pads. (minor exaggeration) Now you mention it, I looked back through the FB posts and your car is not there. Dave did post one of his chatty walks down the pit lane though and that's where I saw your motor.
  8. Yes to the road tyres if wet.... even if it's a bit late now...lol Gory photos, sills took the brunt by looks of things but still better to stop in gravel than hit something that doesn't want to move! Looks like Bedford stayed dry though? Saw your car in some of the open track FB posts. How did it go?
  9. Sounds like an epic session! (Vids or photos?) Not sure we'll have you as our track day Ambassador though ;-) Hopefully the gravel rash is minimal and you don't have that annoying rattling from gravel hiding on top of every under tray and suspension arm. Great that you enjoyed it, decision made, keep going with this car. I used to love the wet days in my old e30 on road tyres. I hardly had to slow vs. a dry circuit and showed up many much more capable dry cars. With this e46 though, so far on track tyres, it's a mare in the wet. So stiff and limited grip with virtually no warning of impending loss of traction.... why i bought the wet set. Dave (opentrack) asked if I could make this evening but sadly I can't. Looks dryish for now but there's a good chance you'll get a downpour or 2.... Enjoy it, Bedford is as good as it gets for a bit of safe lunacy. Southwest is a great circuit.
  10. Sadly events conspired against me so I didn't make Monday night in the end..... Good luck for Abingdon.
  11. Cheeky unplanned visit to Bedford circuit for me this evening.... supposed to dry out by this evening.... hope so as haven't quite finished getting the wet tyre's fitted and ready!!
  12. I've not been to Rockingham but heard about the wall.... sounds like a feature to keep you in check! Enjoy Donington mate. Shame I can't make Bedford on the 10th July, would have been good to meet up. Let us know how you get on and certainly if you're doing further Opentrack dates.
  13. That's a shame, can't stand time wasters and you'd hope trade would know better! I think you'll have fun in your daily... you may even decide it can serve both purposes for a while. Otherwise I reckon the best value starter cars are private sale 4 door 330s with sensible miles but basic spec like cloth seats and no nav etc.
  14. Thank, yes it's fun recording especially looking back after the event to see what might make the perfect lap and of course catching people spinning off! Trackaddict app is the easiest option, does most of the telematics from the phone and very easy to use. Harry's is more feature rich but much more fiddly on the day and less intuitive... although simple enough once used to it's quirks. There's loads of info on the harrys laptimer website including their recommended accessories.... all of which I ignored and tried my luck with a cheapo WiFi obd2 dongle and it seems to work well enough. I bought a low profile one so it wouldn't risk dropping under the brake pedal at just the wrong moment! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-Wifi-OBD2-ELM327-Car-Diagnostic-Code-Scanner-Vehicle-Tool-For-IOS-Android-/172590688941?hash=item282f34eaad:g:650AAOSwax5Yx6Gz I have noticed there is a delay between what's happening in the video and the telematics as it never seems to show me revving to 6500 (which is most gear changes) but still good enough for a bit of fun. It's also clear my lap times decrease on average as fuel is used up as expected. I get fuel surge and therefore power loss on right handers when the tank is approx 1/4 so I'm planning to install the mini baffle from the M3 fuel pump to see if that will help. I can't justify a full on swirl pot setup for track days but it would be nice to be able to run closer to empty. :-)
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