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  1. Epic thread revival. I have a 330ci which has this extinguisher, however it was last (and only) serviced in 2008 which is now a decade ago! Has anyone had theirs serviced recently, how did you get to do it and what did it cost? Else I will ring Cotswold and or a local fire extinguisher company. Daniel
  2. I have the 1.8 ton version, cracking thing. Steel version is cheaper and as good if you only use it in one place but the ali one allows you to lift it into the boot to take around with you. Daniel
  3. Yeah, it will not be being changed by BMW I can assure you! Daniel
  4. Well £53, less £6 for the leather, and I think £9 for the top plastic which separated, so £38. - Who knows, I had just bought the car, was feeling extravagant, and dont regret it. Each to our own! Daniel
  5. Estoril is also a bloody nice colour to be fair, I spent a few hours looking at a couple, but both had noticeable issues and neither where cheap! I gave £2650 for for mine, x-reg with 120k on the clock, loose tidy, small rust on arches, otherwise nothing. But I have had to change the alternator the first fortnight in, the rad fan is dead, and its now looking like it is going to need a clutch early in the new year, heyho!! Daniel
  6. Looks really good, while some will disagree, I like the three stripes on the grill. Picked up an Imola 330ci Sport myself a month ago and will get some pictures up tomorrow maybe, basically stock but has a high spec trim and has gained clubsport bumper spliters and cill plates at some point in its life. Daniel
  7. That looks really good. I have black 'carbon' cube but the drivers door handle is a bit scuffed, does anyone have an experience of re-colouring them? I would swap it but obviously they are often like this and tend to sell in set for very real money. Just worried it will chip and look worse in time. Daniel
  8. I splashed the cash on this having bought a car with a dead knob, BMW Official Ebay wanted £63 inc postage, BMW Stoke (knights) wanted £63+postage, but Cotswold BMW did it for £53 inc postage down from £58 because they had taken an hour to ring back. Bloody happy with that. Silly money still really, but it makes me happy every time I look at it, so whatever... Daniel
  9. Might well go around august with the uni motorclub. Not sure which car that would be in, last time I drove there and back in the westfield, but I am five years wiser now at the grand age of 28! Daniel
  10. Presumably you then just dont have the cd changer as an option? Has anyone ever tried to have a switch so you can swap between one and the other? Daniel
  11. This may be a really stupid question, but if its just gunked up with emulsified oil, why do you have can to replace the whole lot (pipes and all) can you not just flush it out with degreaser and an airline? Daniel
  12. Epic thread revival, but did you ever get to the bottom of this, as while I came on here looking at clutch costs/recommendation my 330ci does this too. Bought the car with the fault, aand can drive it fine, but if setting off with gusto its basically unavoidable. I wonder if it's a traction control related issue? Daniel
  13. I'm also interested in this, as I would like to fit a detachable flange-based towbar to my 330Ci sport. - A lot of bars state 'not for M3 or M-sport' which seems odd as the sport bumper is very simular in shape, might be able to ignore this. - So far all the detachable ones I have found are are swan-neck style. I would live that, but need to fit an anti-swap bracket and would like a bumper protector as well. Daniel
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