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  1. Heya mate, yea! In laws are coming uk, and need a more practical car =(
  2. That's the one!! Lol not sure why there hasn't been more ppl with it.
  3. I don't think I've seen anyone else with the same splitter actually
  4. Ahh I can't actually remember, I bought it off some guy on ebay but he only had two, I might need to do a bit of digging to find out. It's supposed to look like those splitters that they put on the m3 bumpers
  5. I heard before powder coating is an issue because if any chips happen, the moisture causes corrosion and the powder coating to crack all over? Dunno how true this is?
  6. Didn't really think I liked these in blue but quite like this. =)
  7. Looks really low for just springs. Thought this was on coilies. Looks good
  8. Looks clean but good luck with measuring the paint
  9. Gotta say black ep3 looks great with those bronze wheels. Nice
  10. I now have an e46 vert. I used I have both the 350z and e46 at the same time but insurance got a bit expensive cos of my points. Tbh, I love the 350z and there is also some very good tuning options, some basics can get you to about 310bhp, and a lot of people these days super charge them or turbo charge them, they become a lot of fun. Even as standard, the v6 is great. I actually quite liked the interior in it. All I changed interior wise was a titanium gear knob and a nardi steering wheel. As standard, they have a more than fast enough 0-60
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