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  1. Good name, nice car, welcome.
  2. Thanks mate - standard e46 staggered tyre set-up; fronts are 225/40/18 and rears are 255/35/18. I didnt buy the wheels so I dont know the widths of the rims but given the tyres im guessing 8Jx18 fronts and 8.5Jx18 rears.
  3. Wheels freshly refurbed - only iPhone pics for now, and they've done a few miles so not totally clean but damn they've done a good job.
  4. I just had my CSL's done there - they did an outstanding job. I had mine full refurbished vs swapping for another set, clearly thats only an option if they have an identical set in stock, but it's about the same price. However they had quite a few mvII's when I went so you might get lucky and if not they can lend you a set of wheels until yours are ready.
  5. Personally, I think it looks good & plenty low enough, especially for a daily. Only my 2p worth though, all personal preference.
  6. I agree with this, especially the latter paragraph. When I was younger, I tried all sorts of coilovers on all my VWs, initially mostly because of how I wanted it to look and mostly at the cheaper end of the scale at first. I hated the ride on all of them and always ended up getting rid. On my last few VWs (mostly Corrados) before I switched to BMWs, I really cared how they drove found and KW V1s to be a decent option. They are the KW entry level coilover but a good one at that, and the differnce between them and any cheap version I had tried before was night and day - if I ever went down the coilover route again, I'd certainly cough up and get a decent set, but personally I prefer a good shock and spring combo.
  7. depends on the colour of the leather. Personally, with black leather I like the carbon trim and with cream/beige I like the dark wood (then again I am biased)
  8. Went on a rattle fixing mission this weekend mainly to resolve a tapping/knocking sound that has been there since I bought it which turned out to be something behind the heater controlpanel, what a difference it makes sorting little bits like that. Was annoying the s**t out of me. The car is currently sat on a loan set of 17" style 44's whilst mine are in for a full refurb. Get them back friday, will post pics.
  9. Euros seem to want £110 now... http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_3+Series+Coupe%5ECabriolet_3.0_2003/p/-/-/-/-/?460112130&1&58a0f515591cbed834000bb1609879b8b8160f75&000825 Have I missed something?
  10. Lovely work - what did you use to refurb the headlights?
  11. sdjfaulkes


    After a bit of a search, looks like Surrey Rolling Road do a '£40 Saturday' deal
  12. Bit worrying that? I assume it wasn't a BMW specialist? Either way, yes most certainly an E46 (prefacelift) - looks nice!
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