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  1. Have you changed anything suspension related that the fault has followed after? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi anteesh, sorry for the extremely late reply just checked back at this topic now, mine kinda just sit in there tight not perfect and can be moved a bit of you try but it's not fallen out yet, need to get the proper console for it but for the moment it's fine. How are you finding the tablet? Hope this guide was of help for you. Whilst I'm here I will give an update since I've been running it for a couple of months now, all had been good however I did decide to root the tablet for battery life issues I started having. I am now using tasker to control the on off functions, it also turns on and off Bluetooth and wifi, and puts the tablet into deep sleep. So far the tablet has been awake 4 weeks and never dropped below 93%!
  3. It's all subjective I suppose, a lot of it is down to taste, some people hate anything non standard for example. I wouldn't say the sound quality is poor at all, it is definitely 100% better than standard though, it's not a professional installation I've used an old headunit as an amp but it's simple, works well for what it cost me me to do it's well worth the time it took. Like you say it's so expandable, not only that there are no restrictions in place in the software so for example I was waiting in the carpark today, had YouTube on for half an hour... I can see why you would be a bit put off with no fm radio but I tend to stream most of my music nowadays anyway 4g is so fast it never breaks up or buffers. I haven't looked into a reversing camera, I would imagine it could do it with a root on the tablet but that's something I haven't gone into yet, it would be good though. My next step I think will be getting the torque app up and running with a Bluetooth obd2 module, you can get widgets on your home screen showing custom gauges of your choice which I find very cool! So far so good with regards to the install, all seems to be working as I hoped here's a pic I took today of the screen working Cheers, Dan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I've just completed a basic outline of how I did it. I can see why people choose a normal head unit over a tablet install, but for me (who is happy to tinker) it was a good option purely on the grounds that I had a lot of the components required to build. I appreciate where your coming from with regards to battery lifespan and the temperature issues I might face, however dust and vibrations can't surely be any worse than me chucking it on the table when I'm done or walking around the house with it. Gps really is not an issue, I've had it temporarily mounted in the car for three weeks and not once has it lost signal when using google maps, in fact it's better than the near £2000 mini connected system in our jcw mini, more intuitive and responsive. With regards to noise, I did have some issues with positioning wiring, I found when the charger wire was left near the back of the tablet I got noise, however I don't get any noticeable noise now. Sound quality is ten times better than the original head unit, and as for using intelligent software it's literally two apps that make it possible to use in a dash, I also have access to the USB port to allow me to upload music to my tablet and carry out any updates or do a proper charge if I need to, there are so many benefits to this type of install too, tether your phone for wifi and you have a whole host of streaming services in your car, google maps? How did I even use a normal sat nav before having Google maps in my car? Get home and download off the home wifi too anything you want for your journey to work the next morning, I can use the torque app in conjunction with an obd Bluetooth connection and have live engine data on my dash, boost, oil pressure, oil temp, vital things I should be able to see. The possibilities are endless and if I have to only pay for a new battery once in a while or even if the tablet breaks they are so cheap in comparison to any shallow mount double din unit that can't do half the stuff the tablet can Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi all, had some interest in my tablet install so I thought it good to share my experience on how I did it. Before you do anything, spend any money or cut your car up I strongly advise you get your tablet functioning how you want it to work, i.e wake on charge, sleep off charge, some people root their tablet, I used a free app called auto sleep. I also use an app called automate which basically turns the tablet into android auto with more functions! To give you an idea I have spent about 3 months testing the tablet, and looking into different ways of doing it, the actual install took about 6 hours start to finish at a leisurely pace in the dark, would have been quicker if I could see half of what I was doing! Also do some research above what I have outlined in this how to, I'm not a techno wiz nor am I an auto electrician, anything you do is at your own risk and I won't be responsible. So hardware you will need: 7 inch tablet, whatever you prefer using, I used 2012 nexus 7. Double din fascia or mybimmer.net do tablet fascias but they aren't cheap! Some form of amp, standard headunit will work with grom audio, you could use a 4 channel amp with a auxiliary lead to rca converter for signal. I used an after market head unit with auxiliary in, I already had it and it allows me to set up the sound how i like, allows me to still use Bluetooth calling and I can add to the system using the headunit as a base. Usb charger, whatever amp rating your tablet requires, mine was 2.1 amp. Fuse holder with fuse, I used 10a though I may swap to a 5a as my tablet should only draw 2.1. Speaker wire, 4 speakers wires positive and negative so 8 wires in total, length dependant on where your I so connector is and where you plan on mounting the head unit or amp. (If using aftermarket head unit) Power and earth wire, preferably red yellow and black, I didn't have any yellow so used red twice. Again this is just how I wired my head unit, I don't need radio etc just power to the headunit so permanent live, ignition live and Earth. (If using aftermarket head unit) Usb to micro usb lead, angled micro usb end is essential due to lack of space in the bezel, i used a 2m long one, simply because I can remove it from the charger, and plug into laptop if I need to without need to remove tablet. Auxiliary lead with 3.5mm jack both ends need to be angled, again you need this due to limited space in the tablet bezel Some way to fix the tablet into the the bezel, I know this sounds bad but I used gorilla tape, it's solid and isn't going anywhere. I have quite an early e46 touring, the equipment inside was a bit odd, it has no steering controls, business navigation with the small screen and a cd changer in the boot, none of it worked properly so an upgrade was due. So my install was done fairly cheaply, using mostly bits I had around, there are many ways you can do it, some people use the standard head unit with the grom audio interface for sound from the tablet, like you would an iPod etc, remove the face of the head unit and push it in the dash behind the tablet, utilising steering controls for volume control, however I don't have these so I needed another way. I was lucky that my iso connector was actually in the boot, so I decided to use an old head unit I had, and make an extended Iso wiring loom and mount it in the boot in place of the nav unit and simply run an auxiliary cable to the tablet from the boot, and I'm happy to report it works very well, sound quality it's miles ahead of the standard unit too! So how the tablet fits, remove head unit and climate control, this needs relocating to the ash tray. Remove the heater cents above the head unit and then remove the cage inside the dash that holds your head unit and climate control. Attach your tablet to your bezel/fascia and offer it up to the cage, simply cut away whatever stops the tablet and bezel sitting flush, cut a bit and keep offering up to the car, I took too much off to be honest and had to pack it out a little when fitting. You should have something like this now So with that sorted you need to charge the tablet, I didn't get any pictures of this so shout up if you need to see what I did however I will explain the best I can, it's quite simple, use a generic cigarette lighter. Some will have three pins on, one is for illumination so ignore that, the one in the centre is power and one on the outside body is earth, find an ignition live in your fuse box and tap into that with your power wire, then find an earth, I earthed to the torch charger. Use a fuse holder in line on the power wire, once connected up plug your charger into the cig lighter and test if it charges the tablet before going any further. Presuming all is good secure your cigarette lighter somewhere safe and accessible behind the dash, I put mine in front of the fuse box above the glove box and I can get to it by dropping the fuse box no problem. Run your auxiliary wire to the location of your head unit or amp and connect the tablet up, now stick it all in our dash as test fitted. If your using aftermarket like i did you will need to make your loom, get an Iso adapter to make the headunit work like normal, and cut it in half like so.. I had already soldered the speaker wires in this pic, now it is a case of finding how long you need it, and extending, simply colour matching wires, you can do them all or just the ones I did for basic power that's upto you and how you want your install to work. You should end up with something like this... Before you go any further test it out, it's a right pain taping the whole loom up to find you have a speaker not working, ask me how I know.. [emoji34] Tape it up and make it tidy, Mount your headunit or amp and connect up neatly, ensuring no wires are trapped or chafing on anything sharp And admire your handy work! Excuse the mess the car is filthy at the moment we live on a new estate. I'm happy to answer any questions and will upload more photos this week when I have some daylight, I can do a video of it working if that's of any interest to anyone too and upload to YouTube. Hope this benefits anyone who has been considering it!
  6. I will start a new thread in the how to section, pictures I have aren't that great due to doing everything in the dark so I apologise for that, but hopefully I will be able to shed a bit of light on my experiences using the nexus 7 tablet and on my installation, it is finished now so I will take some better pics in daylight tomorrow too and add them in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. No problem, I will take a few pics and do a bit of a how to, it may vary for people who have the business cd unit without nav just on headunit location, but overall it's actually quite a simple install, I spent longer trying to figure out making the tablet work properly for in dash use, in the end I found two apps that make it perfect, automate (basically a rip off of android auto) and auto sleep. This allows you to have the tablet wake on charge, sleep off charge, they both work perfectly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I can't really understand why there's not been a huge take up with this, it's actually really easy to do if you understand basic electrics and can get the tablet to sleep/wake with charge signal. Do you think a write up will be of benefit to other people or should I not waste my time? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Any interest? Will be photographing tonight if so, cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. As above, also with the breaker bar, crack off the bolts with the wheel still on the floor but obviously do not take them all the way out until the car is jacked up, also while your working on the car never ever just rely on the jack especially if your using a scissor jack from the boot, invest in a set of good quality axle stands they may save your life, in fact invest in a trolley jack too, much safer and easier to use than a scissor jack. Again halfords do some decent kit, about £80 will get you two axle stands and a jack and they'll last you years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hi all, currently in the middle of a tablet install in my e46. I had the business nav in my 2000 320d touring, the small screen one with tape deck. It didn't work, sounded rubbish and was impossible to use with the screen not working, so I installed a Sony unit I had laying about but I hate the way it looks, so most double dins won't fit without cutting the heater box, the ones that do are over priced and or the tech out dated, plus they don't look great, so what do you do? Tablet install, I'm putting a google nexus 7 in my car, if there is enough interest I am happy to do a how to guide since there isn't much info out there apart from a few vague videos etc. Let me know if your interested in this. Cheers, Danny Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. All in and working now, but poor signal so may need to connect the blue wire somehow, am I correct in thinking I can just connect straight to the signal amp on the antenna at one point? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yeah I'm aware of most I think, did quite a lot of research before buying. I'm pretty sure I don't have swirl flaps as I have the earlier engine m47 I believe 136bhp one? Does the vortex filter still count though? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I am stuck on one bit though, do I need to connect the antenna wire (blue) to the head unit or just any switched live? As you can see I had to cut it to extend the loom Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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