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  1. Cheers fellas much appreciated
  2. Cheers for the reply. Ive the old droplinks off cause they are too long. Everything looks very tight on her. On smooth rd drives perfect but on bumpy road something is rattling.
  3. Can anyone help me?? Cheers
  4. Guys fitted my coilson the coupe today. Car is quite low but when took her out a drive she was rattling on a bumpy road but nice on a smooth rd. Anyone help me out please. Coils are 2nd hand.
  5. Nice straight tidy motor there!!
  6. Mate cheers. Will get a good read through it and give it a go
  7. Guys bought a set of Angel eyes off eBay can anyone give me a detailed description on how to fit and wire them? Your help would be very much appreciated
  8. Guys I recently bought a second hand msport front bumper for my e46 coupe. The fitting on the drivers side is missing. Can I buy one or when I remove my se bumper will the same fitting be on it? Your help would be very much appreciated.. Davy
  9. Looking forward to seeing your pics!!
  10. Guys ran into a bit of a problem. When removing the trims on coupe the rear passenger side one broke!! This has left me with a big problem. Have the rest all wrapped in matt black vinyl apart from this one. In real bad need of one. Any you guys know were I would get one? Hope someone can help me out. Davy
  11. My coupe is identical to yours only an se. Have a msport front bumper to paint and fit and also picked up side skirts today as well. Just need a back bumper now.
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