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  1. Yeh, i drove the car to amsterdam and back...had a couple times where it struggled to start in Dam but became this serious last week.
  2. Just a thought, I changed the fuel filter but did not put a OEM part, could this be a cause for the low pressure?
  3. Ok so a little update which had left me totaly stumped... I had it on a computer yesterday to get the fault codes read and this is what I got 4212 Glow Plug, Cyl 1 4232 Glow Plug, Cyl 3 4242 Glow Plug, Cyl 4 43F1 Electric auxiliary Heater 4B90 Rail-pressure monitoring on engine start 4222 Glow Plug, Cyl 2 4630 Rail-pressure plausibility pressure-controlled So on the back of that I changed to glow plugs today (mission of a job) but got it all out and back together without breaking or losing anything, BUT when I went to start it, it just turns over and doesn't start up. So thought i'd try jump start it (which use to work before changing the glow plugs) but that didn't work either. All fuses seemed fine, I also checked voltage across the battery prior crank (12.6v) and on crank (11.2v). Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Please help, im stuck without my car Thanks in advance
  4. I would say its a recentish problem, had a few signs of it in December, no problems before that.
  5. Yh battery is brand new, CCA wise i assume so but will check....it is a heavy duty one as far as i know
  6. Hi Im actually new here and after some help. Ive got a 2002 320d which turns over but doesnt start, however if I jump start it, it fires up straight away. The only time it has trouble starting is mornings or if the car has not been used for like 4-5hours. It starts up straight away if i try just after switching it off. Ive changed the battery and checked fuses under the bonnet where the ecu is kept because from what i've read online the fuel pump fuse is located there. All fuses there where fine. Before I start spending stupid amounts of money to find the problem I wanted to know if anyone has had this problem and been able to find the solution to fix it. Thanks in advance Atish
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