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  1. It have a set of new aftermarket lights that I bought and used the lenses from as they are a direct fit. They fitted perfectly and made the original lights look like new. When I sold the car I took the lenses off and fitted them back onto the aftermarket lights. I still have these lights and as i don't have an e46 anymore I'm looking to Sell them. If your interested then you can have them for £20 each + postage..
  2. Before I bough mine I did a search on here and found a few posts regarding spacers. I have a vert so went for 15mm but I read that the coupe has more room in the arch and some people have fitted 20mm but I'm not sure if they had to roll the arches for or not. If you want 15mm then I have a set of brand new ones still in the unopened box that I have listed in the for sale section.
  3. I have a set of 4 brand new, still in the box, 15mm wheel spacers with extended bolts. My vert is going back to standard and I never got around to fitting them, in fact I haven't even opened the box. They are made by Precision and are the ones that Get mentioned on this forum a few times with get good reviews. They cost me £70 a couple of weeks ago so I will let them go for £45 + postage or collection from Gloucester.
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    SOLD My vert is going back to standard so I am selling my Parrot Asteroid smart. This includes a full fitting kit consisting of the following all in great condition: Parrot Asteroid smart double din (shallow depth so no cutting of air Box). The unit has been rooted and has google playstore and google maps downloaded and all the original Parrot apps. Full fitting kit: modified original cage and facia adaptor so it just bolts straight in, GPS antenna, Microphone for voice search and hands free calling, USB cables including iPod adaptor (iphone lightning also works fine in the port) and a steering wheel interace so all the steering wheel controls work if interested, please either reply to this thread or send me a PM I'll work on a 1st come, 1st served basis thanks
  6. genuine BMW auto shift knob in black leather with silver trim £25 + postage an aftermarket auto shift knob as above £10 + postage and a real brushed aluminium gear surround From a vert M3 £25 + postage If interested, Please either reply in this thread or send me a PM ( I'll work on a 1st come, 1st served basis) located in Gloucester. thanks
  7. here you go: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262569746772?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  8. I just bought some from eBay. They are Taylor made and a really good fit all for under £20. I'll send you a link when I get home this afternoon.
  9. Thanks. After much poking around under the bonnet I have traced it to the belt tensioner. I have the old spring type unit and the bearing in the wheel has gone and the spring has lost a lot of tension so I can see the shaking around and the noise coincides with the shaking. It was hard to trace as the pitch of the squeel made it sound like it was coming from under the intake manifold and it was only when I went around with a screwdriver to my ear that I found it to be the tensioner. I will remove the old one this weekend theni collect the new one on Monday.
  10. Hi all, i have a problem with my 325 where on cold start up it sounds like it has a loud type of squeal, well more like a vacuum cleaner sound that lasts for a few mins then goes away. I initially thought belts or tensioners but it is really hard to pinpoint where the sound is coming from then I read somewhere it could be the ccv. I took of the oil filler cap and put my hand over the filler and there is a very slight vacuum, just enough to pull slightly on my latex gloves but barehanded I can't really feel anything. The plastic pipe from the rocker cover to the valve has broken in the past but it has been repaired and feels airtight. The car is warm now and the sound has gone but when I rev it I can hear it and it sounds like a turbo spooling but it's only just audible. Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be?
  11. Thanks for the info, I will let him know.
  12. Escort mk2 1.3 GL in 1987. Diamond white with 13" white Waller 8 spokes and corbeau get bucket seats and of course a twin choke Webber. Lol.
  13. My mate has an android in his 330 and is suffering bad radio reception. What was the cure with the bullet connector etc so I can let him know? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Ive got to the bottom of it, the offside was in upside down. Oh, the shame of it !!!! I thought it was a bit hard to put in. Lol i had to take the headlamp out to see what was going on but then it was blindingly obvious! oh well, you live and learn as they say. Thanks for the help both.
  15. I put my vert in for its 1st mot since I've owned it and it failed on both front drop links and the headlight beam pattern is wrong. The drop links are no problem and I'm buying and fitting new ones tomorrow but the headlight beams are confusing me a bit. When I first bought the car the beams were too low and dim and the pattern looked cone shape with a bright semicircle 'blob' showing on the road I replaced the lenses as the old were getting dull and replaced the bulbs with Phillips H7s. I then adjusted the beams up a little so they lit up more of the road ahead. The patterns still looked the same though. The mot tester said he thinks the bulbs are fitted incorrectly which I will check tomorrow but as far as I remember they only go in one way? my question is has anyone experienced the same thing with the strange looking beam pattern and had an mot fail for it? Do these cars take special type of H7 bulbs etc? the car is a 2001 vert with halogen headlights (the light units are the originals and the reflectors are in good condition). Any help would be gratefully received. - thanks.
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