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  1. I've replaced one more sensor (to see what would happen) and that's now working too. Looks like they all needed chucking...
  2. Now we have some decent warm weather I've noticed that the air from the two left-side chest-height vents in the dash is cooler than that coming from those on the right side. This happens whatever the AAC is doing, on Auto or if I set the flow manually. None of the air is very cold from any of the vents though, but it's really noticeable from those in particular. The system was only re-gassed a year ago. Apologois if this has been covered before. Cheers, Mark
  3. Ah OK. Odd that INPA doesn't pick up any fault codes.
  4. Car is a 2003 325i. Been getting the long beep with no PDC function for some time. Finally got INPA and a suitable cable, plugged in the laptop, INPA says left centre sensor is faulty. Replaced it with a spare used one and that one now works, but none of the others do. The really weird bit: INPA says no faults and there is no long warning beep. If I move the good sensor to any other position it works but none of the others do. Still no faults shown on INPA. Any clues anyone? Cheers Mark
  5. OK thanks. Where do I get INPA and any relevant cabling etc?
  6. I'm getting the 5 sec tone which shows there's a fault. I've tried listening for the sensors clicking when it's in reverse but none of them seem to do this. As I thought all 4 failing was unlikely I bought a used unit from eBay to help with diagnosics and this doesn't seem to click either. I have 12V at all the connectors, so I guess the control unit is OK. Very odd. The car is a 2003 325i Touring. Any ideas anyone? Cheers Mark
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