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  1. Good heads up there! Yes, there are 2 screws. Then they are in tight and the pulling begins.
  2. Have to grab the vents by the bottom (pull the dash trim and radio out first) and pull up and out. I HATE taking out the vents...it always feels like they will break, and sometimes they do.
  3. There are already some creeping up on Ebay. I believe I saw it for $369 dollars. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Android-5-1-Car-Stereo-DVD-CD-Player-Quad-Core-7-GPS-Radio-BMW-E46-OBD2-Airplay-/111737234386?fits=Make%3ABMW&hash=item1a040ee3d2:g:LcQAAOSwxvxW68wr&vxp=mtr
  4. Good job on this...it actually looks really good in the dash. Are you able to hook up an ipod to it? If so what software will control it? Thanks
  5. Looks like a new Erisin unit is out with better hardware and running Android 5.1: http://www.erisinwholesale.com/special-car-dvd/bmw/erisin-es3062b-7-bmw-e46-android-51-car-dvd-player-dab-471.html Whos going to be first??
  6. Do you know the exact model you bought? I have the Eonon GA5150F and dont have those issues. 1 Hissing....mine has zero hissing but I am using it with aftermarket amps and speakers. 2 In my 2000 328i the radio reception is equal to or better than the OEM radio and much better than the Alpine I had in there before this. 3 Probably because I have tinted windows, but I havent had a problem with brightness yet. 4 I do have some light bleed but not anywhere as bad as yours. 5 This part of your post leads me to believe something is wrong with your unit. Mine is pretty much 18-24 seconds every time. (Ive timed it!) 6 Mine ALWAYS comes back to the last used. Have you tried a factory reset on your unit? It seems you are having some issues that are beyond the normal 'quirks' these units can have.
  7. Here is something that is worth a try...I did it on mine and it looks good...and cost nothing: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=611942
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