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  1. Soft Touch Plastics Restoration

    It's very similar yes. The reason I went for this stuff was because a friend had a can knocking around. I used it for something unrelated to the car and then had a lightbulb moment thinking this could work really well. It also self levels extremely well giving a flawless looking finish (if you've prepped the surface you are spraying properly of course). I'm pretty handy around paint, I've done loads of spraying, but this stuff would look good sprayed on by a novice, I can't tell you how beautifully it levels itself. But DO NOT get any runs, be patient and built the thickness gradually as you can't sand this stuff. You'll need to start again which will mean either peeling it all, or if you haven't put enough down for it to peel properly, sanding it all back. I can't stress how important the prep is with this stuff, it's not water based, and will react if not sprayed onto a well prepped surface. Make sure you clean the part well after prepping with something like panel wipe or some rubbing alcohol. And definitely wait for it to properly dry between layers. Trying to get it on fast will cause it to start lifting as the layers below will still be out gassing of not fully cured (I found out the hard way). I hope I'm not making it sound scary, it's very very good stuff and easy to spray, it's just important you take your time and do the job right. I paid £7 a can and got through about 3 and a half cans. You need to build up the layer or it won't peel. That's important if you ever want to redo it if after a few years it start looking a bit crappy again so you can just peel, wipe and paint again. If anyone has any questions just ask.
  2. Soft Touch Plastics Restoration

    Thanks mate How much did the new parts cost out of interest?
  3. My Interior plastics were looking too grubby for my liking, I decided to give refurbishing them a go as I didn't fancy springing for new ones. I used Rustoleum Peel Coat which is a rubberised finish, looks VERY much like the OEM finish, although I have some concerns over longevity. I suppose the possitive this is that if it starts looking tired again, all I need to do it peel it off and paint again! I used about 3 cans at around £7 each so a pretty good bang for buck refresh of the interior if you ask me. Here are the before and afters. BEFORE: AFTER: Hope you guys like it! I think it looks amazing, and it's freshened up the interior so much!
  4. Clubsport won't start.

    Not sure this falls under detailing
  5. Judder in 1st gear

    I have the same issue, slipping the clutch a little more seems to allow me to pull away trouble free. It was getting worse and worse at one stage till one day I was driving when I had the hump over something and launched the car with the engine at about 5,000 rpm, got a little tyre noise and a bunch of clutch slip. I noticed soon after they judder was gone. I'm assuming the violent launch and the resulting slip burned through the top layer of friction material. If there was a leaky slave that had contaminated the friction material this must have been burned off, hence the judder disappearing. My clutch will need doing fairly soon, will try to remember to update this thread when I do get round to changing it with what I find in there.
  6. Introduce yourself

    Hi guys, just broke my BMW duck with a 320Ci Cabrio. Its my daily driver and couldn't be happier with it so far!