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  1. Mine was normally when I geared down and started to accelerate again but since post I have stripped the inlet manifold and put a new ccv valve in bought of eBay £65 and spent 7 hours on car quiet in depth but we'll worth it big difference in performance .
  2. recently my 318ci E46 with an N42 engine on an 04 plate actually a 2ltr as facelift model, started to hesitate on acceleration after looking at forums got worried as seemed to be a problem with a few engines and no fix.So i decided to take the BMW out of the equation and just deal with the physical symptoms.Which to me were electrical or air related as know a reasonable amount about cars. so checked all wires and connections there were no issues so on to the air system stripped the air filter put a new one in cleaned the air mass meter and as putting back noticed there was a small vacuum tube totally perished its a two part tube solid plastic in the middle flexible rubber at end not sure quiet what its for but sure something anyway changed it, rebuilt everything started engine and let it tick over for a while jumped in car and took it for a spin on a normal route where there is plenty of gearing down and accelerating and it went like a dream so in conclusion a list of what i did is below dismantled air intake cleaned air mass meter ( blew it out with wd40 or crc in other coutries ) both sides of air mass and allowed it to dry replaced the rubber end of vacuum tube new air filter rebuilt it all 24hrs with no problems so far regards coupe lover
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