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  1. Got some E63 M6 front seats I already had electric, heated, memory seats so wiring was no bother, plugged straight in. Bolt holes lined up more or less exactly (apart from a few taps with a hammer - probably due to the seats coming from a write off) - despite what other threads have said the seat belt buckles fitted fine. Took about 20 minutes all in. All the ortho and active bolsters work fine out the box All was fine, or so I thought until a week later til someone sat in the passenger seat and the air bag light came on. No bother I thought just a faulty occupancy sensor so ordered a bypass. Bypass arrived but as it turns out the M6 seats do not have a "Black Box" to plug the bypass chip in so it probably wasnt a faulty sensor just not compatible with the e46. So to sort it I removed the wiring from e63 passenger occupancy sensor from the yellow seat plug and took the black box out of my old seats and plugged the bypass into the black box and then plugged that lot into the e63 yellow plug. Which all seems to have worked fine and no air bag lights i didnt bother taking any pics but pretty simple - even for a idiot like me to do
  2. oil and filters in the last couple of months. Going in Friday to have the fuel filter and sparkies changed and a bit of diagnostics on the cat fault. I know the higher the average speed the better but doing exactly the same commute I cant see a drop of 4 mph making a massive difference to mpg though ? Its a bit of a bother as I do 400 miles a week, I know I should buy a diesel but he ho !
  3. Alright peeps, For the first 6 months of owning my car a 2001 330ci, week in week out I got an average of 30 mpg and my average speed was around 23 mph, this gave me about 300/315 miles on a tank. The last couple of months my mpg has dropped to about 25 mpg giving me at a push 250 miles per tank so ive lost 50 miles a tank ! The traffic has been a bit heavier than normal the last couple of months but would a drop in average speed of 4 mph likely to make such a difference to the miles travelled on my tank ??? The car is all serviced up, tyres good, brakes good etc etc. No faults bar a cat bank 1 and 2 which has always been there. Any thoughts ? Cheers Brett
  4. alright peeps, Have a recurring Cat Bank 1 and 2 fault code. Doesnt effect the running in any way and the cats are not suffering from the "skeleton having a w@nk in a dustbin" - Ive checked for air leaks and pretty much every other possible fault. Still passed the mot but not prepared to change the cats - so would it be possible to just change the values so the light doesnt come on ??? If so where could I get done in the South East / kent. Cheers Brett
  5. Mine came with a standard size double din cage and after chopping and mounting for a couple of hours I found out that it makes the unit 2 mm high in the dash and the top trim doesn't fit nicely so had to redo without the cage. Now fits OK. Still had to do some trimming to my top trim as my £7.99 amazon special fascia plate didn't fit under it properly.
  6. I had a CE unit so pretty much stuck with standard player. I've bought and fitted the parrot now and no up and down folder buttons grrrr. After installing 10 different media players on my fone only one has up and down folder buttons so going to have a go at getting on the parrot tomorrow. Apparently on the parrot you cannot turn off the standard media player just pause it so could be some fun !
  7. ive just bought one and im in the process of fitting today Progress report later ! I didnt buy the unika but bought the connects 2 e46 specific one (cheaper as well) ive chopped my original stereo / sunglasses holder mount up with a dremmel and managed to fit the parrot in the mount - just about ! not sure yet how flush its going to be in the actual car though ! be on in a couple of hours once ive started on the actual car. Ive ordered some right angle usb converters and right angle rca converters but they are not here yet
  8. Ive currently got a crappy chinese double din and thinking about getting a smart. In all honestly im pretty happy with the chinese double din bar one thing - when in usb playback there is not a button to quickly move your folder up and down, and when you finish listening to your current folder it just stops and doesnt go on to the next folder. So you have to press a tiny (pretty unresponsive) part of the screen twice to get into the root directory and scroll down to the folder you want (I have 300 folders on my 32gb usb) then click on the folder and then the first song in the folder (which have the time does not work and you then have to repeat it) - sooooooooo annoying !! So does anyone who uses the smart know how to flip between folders or whether at the very least whether it goes to the next folder automatically ???? cheers Brett
  9. ive already changed the hedgehog with a proper oem one. Ive had the heater control valve apart and tested and seems to be working fine. BUT whilst bleeding again yesterday a load of muddy $hite bubble up from the expansion tank and the heating now seems to be working fine so im going to do a proper flush and see how we go
  10. yep on blue. I have all the classic symptoms of a dodgy heater control valve except it isnt ! Or is there something that may have been dislodged when i was faffing about with my relocation panel ????
  11. Ive changed the climate unit - no change ive changed the heater control valve - no change Been googling for ages - any thoughts ?? cleared the AC unit fault - it was the auto recirc sensor so completely unrelated
  12. Hi I have a 2001 330 with climate. No matter what i have the temp set at I have proper baking hot air coming out the top vents and footwell vents. When I turn the AC on cold air comes out the centre vents but only when i have "forward" and "windscreen" buttons illuminated. If I just have the "forward" button illuminated more baking hot air comes out. When I put on auto the the fan goes up and down as its sensing the hot air and the cooled air at the same time ???? I have a cheapo code reader and it is saying AC unit fault which I cant seem to wipe ?? My first port of call is to change the climate unit with one from a scrappy but anyone got any ideas ??? cheers Brett
  13. alright good peoples, one of my friends has 2002 e46 with nav. His BM54 unit has blown up completely. He sent it away for repair and it was deemed unrepairable - the unit has since been chucked away !!!!!!! The only part number we have is 65126934649 and we cant find a exact replacement. Does anyone know what other units are compatible with this part number ? Or does anyone have a semi working one knocking about we could try ??? we are not sure about the round / square plug issue as we dont have the old unit ! He doesnt mind paying ?? any help would be appreciated cheers Brett
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