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  1. 325ti water leak

    I ended up taking it to an independent bmw garage today. The fairly recent (cheapo) radiator was split. As the expansion tank was the original from 2003 I had that changed as well. £327
  2. 325ti DISA valve

    Ruesta Is the flap and cam on their repair kit aluminium?
  3. 325ti water leak

    Thanks Ibrahim and Davve It's losing a lot of water and I can't really pin down the leak. I ran it for about 5 mins yesterday while parked up and after I switched off I could hear a hissing that seemed to be around the expansion tank area. I did see a tiny, tiny jet of water, but couldn't see the direction it was coming from (expansion tank side or radiator side) I filled it up again this morning before setting off for work and after about 4 miles, the low level light was on again
  4. I'm looking for a good bodyshop to do some work on the rear arches on my compact I'm within travelling distance of Stockport, Manchester and Sheffield Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks
  5. 325ti DISA valve

    It is a shonky device. Must cost all of about £10 to manufacture. That pin in the flap is a joke. How much are they from a dealers?
  6. 325ti DISA valve

    Has anyone tried an aftermarket disa valve? I have seen the repair kits as well, but I'm wondering if I should get one from the local bmw dealers?
  7. 325ti water leak

    I've just bought a 325ti sport I was aware it had a water leak, I am pretty sure it's the expansion tank How easy are they to change, and the more important question, how easy is it to bleed after I have changed everything? (I had a nightmare bleeding the system on a mk1 golf years ago) One last question, what is the recommended coolant to use? many thanks
  8. New member

    Hi I'm new here I've been looking for a 325ti for a while now, hopefully I'll find something soon that isn't 500 miles away Hope to be an owner soon