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  1. Thanks Daz, so could I go for 235/35/19 on front 8J and backs as you suggested 245/35/19 on the 9J?? I think im going to order Eagle F1's all round
  2. Thanks Gazz the wheels look great, see it's clear of the wheel arch, did you need to get them rolled? Is the car on standard springs or lowered? Also any heads up on good all weather tyres for the e46? thanks again Dazz and Gazz for the pics
  3. Just got the car up and the springs have 2 X pink dots not sure what that means? Original springs or lowered? Daz, question about the tyres. If I go from 285/30/19 to 245/35/19 that won't reduce the height which is where the rubbing is mainly. The mv2 tyres I have that fit nice are 255/35/18 and there seems to be plenty of space. Reducing the width won't sort the height out unless I have lowered springs in which case all the above means not a lot. Let me know thanks
  4. Thanks Daz that's great help. I did think that would be the case. If the car has been lowered by the previous owner then what would the best option be? I wouldn't be surprised if it is, they messed with a exhaust which I've changed back to original. How can I check if it has? thanks again
  5. Hi First post on here and need some advice please... I have a 325ci m sport vert on an 04 (owned for 1 year now) and have fallen in love with some 19 inch 8j and 9j 313 alloys, bought them and not knowing if they would fit (yeah pretty stupid I know) the rear 9j tyre sizes are 285/30/19 and the front 8j sizes are 245/35/19. Fronts are fine but the rears are touching the arches and have been advised to get coil the spacers and arches rolled. I don't know if the rear suspension has been lowered or if changing the tyres are going to fix it. Could sell 313's (reluctantly) and go back to the original mv2 18's.. any help would be great Many thanks Dan
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