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  1. How’s it going bud? Have you got in run in yet?
  2. Good to see you’re still putting this car right bud, the interior trims made a huge difference alone.
  3. £1000 is a great deal on a front aand rear mate, good score. I totted mine up and they’re due me £2040, I could’ve probably saved £500 or so, if I hadn’t went with all new everything and painted them myself, but as I’m keeping this for the long haul I decided to replace everything with new. As you know, it soon adds up.
  4. Cheers Rich, Your way seems like an easier way of doing it for sure. All my discs were 8k miles old but I had to buy new ones for this kit. I got carrier adapters from creation motorsports and I bought HEL braided lines with brembo fitment one end and BMW on the other.
  5. With all the hardware sourced it was time to fit the front brakes. Discs are OEM M3 CSLs and the calipers are Porsche 996 Size next to an OEM single piston And fitted. Rears are next with Porsche Brembos, M3 rear discs and 2.7 Boxster front pads.
  6. I’m fairly sure you’ll annoy the crap out of bikes bud. I had a good few bikes too, last one was an r1 many years ago, good times.
  7. Haha, yeah Iike to mix things up. I still have all the wheels as well as the Clubsport ones so I can swap whenever I want. Re the carbon, if I were doing it again I’d buy the carbon parts from SSDD Motorsports. I paid £350 for the splitters, diffuser, fog covers. In carbon and the grills and SMG dome in satin and I wasn’t overly impressed with the results.
  8. Yeah it’ll be an absolute animal mate. I still remember the feeling of giving a Fireblade it’s first WOT and giggling like a kid inside my helmet. You’ll no doubt be the same in this car. Giant slayer for sure.
  9. Epic mate, absolutely epic. It must be so hard knowing you’re gonna piss yourself aughing at the first wide open throttle run not to try it even knowing it’d possibly be the most expensive few seconds of your life (making babies aside lol)
  10. Oaft, this thing is weapons grade now mate, It’s gonna be fun next time you hit the track. wish i’d known your charger was up for grabs though, I’d have had that off you. I’ve just got an Eaton M90 short snout from a Jag XJR to lob on mine for a project.
  11. Plans sound good mate and will make the car look years younger. Wait and see on the rear speakers till after you've done your Headunit, unless your rears are blown you'd be better spending your money on the fronts as that's what you'll be hearing more. Ps there's a guy selling an Asteroid smart on the M3 Cutters forum for £250 Calipers would work in body colour or a bright purple. Yellow stands out most but can be a bit shouty on some cars but would stand out well. it's all down to personal preference really.
  12. Yeah they're a completely different design mate. If you look at a front bumper picture of my car you'll see the fog covers are much bigger and have an air duct in them. I ordered new ones very similar in style that are known to fit properly. They cost me £60 inc postage.
  13. Yeah, that's who I bought my CSL boot from mate. Never had an issue and I've heard the fog covers are a good fit
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