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  1. Best thing is to get it plugged in and error codes read to give some sort of direction
  2. They look like RCA audio cables. I have a feeling there used to be subwoofer setup in the boot at some point in it life and the RCA was left in when the rest of the system was removed
  3. Hi mate fairly easy job. Might have a bit of an issue getting the tank off the holder but with a bit of force it will come out. Bleeding ain't hard but a bit time consuming. I personally use ready mix red/pink coolant on mine which I find is good. You can find videos on YouTube on how to change expansion tank and how to bleed the system
  4. Is that not the pipe that goes into the airbox?
  5. Loving the story. Sounds like a movie I've watched lol
  6. It is most likely that. I had to do this a while back and my God it was a proper ache in the balls to get too
  7. Under the steering wheel tucked up under the dash if you run your hand under the dash just above the accelerator and brake pedal you will feel it. Just pull the tab down and the port is inside it
  8. Me too. I use Asda fuel all the time as it's right next to work and I normally run out when near work (oddly)
  9. Have you checked the fuse too as well as the relay?
  10. Have you tested the battery and alternator to rule them out?
  11. Those are Nappa Leathers the better quality option
  12. Where in Canada you going. I'm flying out to Toronto tomorrow
  13. Yeah my car has been left unlocked a few times when I get to it in the mornings. And I'm pretty sure I locked it the night before
  14. Sounds like you might a hairline split in the vacuum hose.
  15. Try googling or asking around your area for a BMW specialist or any garage with inpa locally. Get them to plug it in and diagnose
  16. Got new rubber fitted. Went for rainsport 3 and so far I'm loving them
  17. Depends if it's an electric or viscous fan
  18. All the best with the new car you can still pop in the forum to say hi
  19. Check out tyreleader.co.uk. My mates owns a tyre shop and advised that website for tyres. Really good prices. Hope it helps some of you guys save a bit of money
  20. After doing a bit of reading it seems it's something to do with the transmission. Have you checked the voltage on your battery? best is to take it to a BMW specialist in your area as they will likely know what to check as it's quite a common thing apparently
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