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  1. Hi Buzz, your car looks great, love the wheels. May I ask please what offset has the wheels? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the hints Guys but the starter doesn't running by turning the key in to the ignition position the engine isn't turning. Nothing happens... Btw. I am in Hungary I am living here.
  3. Hi There, I newly bought a BMW E46 325i Coupe Automatic from the year 2004. I am happy with the car but there is a trouble that comes always if the engine is warm. It will not start. I turn the key I hear the fuel pump is working, turn the key to ignition position and nothing happens. First the car has started after 5 attemps and last time I tired to start 10-20 times nothing happened. Then one more try and the car has started. The engine starts if its cold. I tired both of the keys but the same is happening. I am confused... Does anybody know this issue or has some hints? Thank you in advance. Regards
  4. Wow looks great. May I ask please what kind of headlight did you retrofit?
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