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  1. 18's Or 19's

    I wold go for the 19 if I had a choice
  2. Bmw E30 M3 Sport Evo

  3. 318i auto fuel consumption

    I'm getting 400 to the tank pal
  4. water leek

    Yer try changing the window seal, if not check the window alignment
  5. Touch up pens???

    I had this there's different shades
  6. CSL Pics

    Would love one of these, guess the 318 will have to do for now
  7. Induction kit

    Yes will sound different, I got k and n and I loves it
  8. Whats your tank range?

    I usually get 400 to the tank which I thinks good
  9. Look what i did.

  10. Really annoying vibration from doors

    I had this was really annoying, try banging it lol
  11. Deja Vu? Not Quite An M3

    Would love to try this
  12. Recent Car Pics

    Nice car buddy
  13. 330Ci ... gone :(

    Trouble is it looks no different to my 318
  14. Southend cruise slamber m9

    Any of u m9's at Southend tonight?
  15. 330ci

    Cash paid for the right one