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  1. daljitgroup

    2013 BMW X5

    not so much happy with this because both are same and there is little difference between both.
  2. i also don't know form where we can buy but thanks friends for posting such best answers.
  3. Step 1: Vacuum the Car. Before cleaning, all of the dirt and debris should be removed from the car. ... Step 2: Remove Everything. Next, take everything out of the car. ... Step 3: Apply the Cleaner. ... Step 4: Let the Cleaner Sit. ... Step 5: Clean the Seats. .. Step 6:Protect the Cloth Seats.
  4. A sad day but think of it this way a well kept e46/90 coupe will hold its value well yes this is right.
  5. thanks for sharing i like your images.
  6. Great post i like like she is 100% mine.
  7. thanks for sharing with us. It is in best condition.
  8. there are some pics which are not opened properly i this thread.
  9. here many users use smartphones and some use computers for posting so, sometimes it is too difficult to post to phone. yes 50 posts is a mission in itself.
  10. daljitgroup


    From where the word BMW came? Anybody knows about this..... BMW is one of the luxurious cars.
  11. I have the simple city honda car and..its Mileage – ARAI. As per ARAI, the mileage of Honda City Manual Transmission Petrol Variant is 14 kmpl, for Diesel Variant is 23 kmpl. Automatic Transmission Petrol Variant is 16 kmpl. However, our Honda City Road Test on highway gave a mileage of 16 kmpl for Petrol and 25 kmpl for Diesel
  12. really aweome video thanks for sharing such video with us.
  13. no picture is available please post it again. Thanks
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