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  1. Hiya, Today when I driving I had my foot full down, rev counter stayed at 4k not rising any further and MPG was on 15. It stayed like that for a min then both needles started to go down while my foot was still pressed full down the gas. I eased the gas off and car ran fine as long as I don't floor it. E46 320d 2004 Any ideas what this might be ? Thanks in advance for any reply's
  2. Hiya can anyone tell me the route to see if my passenger occupancy bypass is working in INPA. I looked under Body - Airbags - but I didn't see where it says if its occupied or not? Any help is always gratefully received
  3. do a smoke test before you buy a maf
  4. Hiya I have just started to get this error again, I had it almost two years ago and I brought a new sensor for my e46 320d 2004 from the stealers. I changed the pressure sensor 2 and it cleared the error until yesterday. why would the sensor be faulty already? what else could cause that fault code? Many thanks for any help
  5. easy to find out! Take the pipe out from intercooler and the middle of the turbo. Take a pic like this
  6. Hiya, i am in the middle of making a vacuum smoke test as I need to check for a boost leak. could someone tell me what pipes I need to block off and where I should send the smoke in? Pics would be a huge help Its a 320d 2004 150hp thanks peeps
  7. Its funny, I have read a lot of people saying that that seal was not on the inlet pipe, why is this the case, who would take these pipes off and say, "it don't need this rubbery bit" and put the pipe back without it
  8. Hiya, I got this fault among many others 4191: Charge-air pressure actuator Activation: Short circuit to earth. Now I have sent the actuator to Ecutesting and had it rebuilt. Still the same error and poor turbo activity. I have heard that it could be just very dirty inside and causing the vanes to stick a tad. So I am considering removing the turbo (scary job, I am bound to f**k it up, or I find out halfway through that i do not have a special tool ) and cleaning it out with some badass stuff. But I don't really know what i am doing. I have looked online for guides and such. Some say you have to remove the manifold some say you don't! Could I see if the vanes are sticking without taking the damn thing off? Would I need to buy anything if I remove it? what might break? gaskets/bolts? Thanks for any replies stevedude
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