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  1. I agree! None of us should have a vote on ANYTHING! I think a Leader should just be chosen for us, because after all what do we know! (Although quite a valid point regarding some people). Yes, I think a system like they have in North Korea. Or China! No arguments, no stupid voting by the ignorant masses. This is your Leader and you just do as we say - OR ELSE! You certainly have the right idea "dontpannic" - or should that be "trustmeIknowwhatImtalkingabout"!
  2. I second this recommendation - most probably one of the best tyres out there - irrespective of price! I've been using Nokian on and off for near on 17 years - definitely tyre of choice! Another really good tyre is Nexen - very underrated... Especially the N8000 and n'Blue HD-Plus!
  3. Hi. I actually did put out some feelers but got no response.... C'est la vie. Thanks for the compliment - appreciated. And yes, it is both of those things....
  4. No. I'll invite you around and ask you to find it with a box of matches...lol...lol. That would be a laugh! Wouldn't have to do your hair for quite a while.... lol.
  5. No, not really when a local BMW specialist quoted me anything up to £350.00 to fix! (With no guarantee that they could, but would still charge me!). I had tried my local garage where I've been taking my other cars to for years and he couldn't even find the fault, let alone fix it! Hence going to the nearest reasonable BMW place, which he suggested.... I had tried all the advised fixes, (easy and others) and nothing worked. And what with the MOT coming up in literally a few weeks I just wasn't prepared to take the chance of ending up with a car that was worthless. I did not take the decision likely and when someone offered me nearly twice what I paid only a fool would say no, or call it 'madness' to refuse the offer! And it is right that everything works, but it just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid. You'll just have to call me a fool for liking BMW
  6. I know but it has a limited following. There are only 300 odd left on the road in the UK - there was only a thousand to start off with up to 2002! With just over 100 on SORN. If I was selling I would be looking for £1200.00+ But I would only consider an e46 with less than 110000 miles and an Auto 323/325 with Leather Interior. 2/4 Door or Tourer.
  7. Hi Trevor. It owes me a Grand. Although some go for as much as £1400 - £1500 (Sorry, lost my pound sign). (Got it back :D).
  8. I can honestly say if it wasn't for that damned Airbag light I would still have it because other than that it was a really good one! And I had planned to do a few things more to it. But that issue was just an unknown quantity and a risk I was not prepared to take unfortunately..... But if anyone fancies a swap........ Approx 97000 mile. 7 months MOT. Service History. Just been Serviced including Auto-Box. Cruise Control, Headlight Washers, Sunroof, 3 Keys + Remote, Electric Seats, Heated Seats, 4 New Nexen 8000 235/40x18 Tyres, (Literally fitted 3 weeks ago!), Stainless Steel Cat-Back Dial Exhaust. Everything works.
  9. ...... that I sold the 323i a few weeks ago. Not because I particularly wanted to but because I was having trouble locating and resolving the Airbag Light issue, and what with the MOT coming up in a few weeks I just wasn't prepared to end up with a car with no MOT so sold it beforehand. If it wasn't for that I would have loved to have kept it as I really liked it. At least as a consolation I sold it for quite a bit more than I bought it for, and with the proceeds I took a gamble and bought this: American Honda Accord 3.0 V6 Auto. Quite a rare car actually and certainly has some get-up-and-go! I just wanted to thank everyone that took their time in advice given over the short period I was here - one of the better Forums for sure! Thank You....
  10. Hi BeemerGaz. Well, reading all your reports all I can summise is that there is an issue that fresh oil will not rectify. Personally I would say the when you did the original oil change it might have disposed of something someone put in the engine to keep it quiet - old trick - until the new owner changes the oil. I would take it to a reputable garage for advise.
  11. Thanks Foe..... But sadly they don't do one for the 323i... But luckily I found a FAI Part that does for a pound cheaper...lol.
  12. One of the jobs I've yet to do - being lazy. Also it only really smells if I've left the car sitting for quite a while, ie 2-3 days. Tell me, did you use an Original Part, and if so how much was it? Thanks.
  13. If you want Wood, or should I say 'Real' Walnut.................................... My R75-V6 'Black'... (It didn't look like this when I bought it 6 years ago, it was my own invention...lol).
  14. I'm afraid I would be keeping the Wood effect so as to put it back to standard when selling - sorry. (Good plan though).
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