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  1. Once again thanks very much for the replies... @momo Yep, I dare say the chassis is well and truly kaput. I was thinking about the exact same thing...phoning a breakers, ideally a BMW specialists and ask them how much they'd give for the car. I'd even supply them pictures of it...before and after the carnage! @Ger89 Thanks mate, that's very good to know. It's also great that you eventually got what you wanted with a bit extra...so there's hope for me yet! Before I forget to mention it...I'm a bit confused as (unluckily/luckily) my car insurance runs out on the 5th of January...will I have to keep paying my premium (monthly at the moment) and if so should it go up or down? I would have thought that it would go down slightly as there was no chance of having a collision/claiming etc...but then again I'm totally naive on the matter. I'm planning on phoning my appointed recovery specialist from Esure in a bit to discuss a few issues...namely courtesy car and insurance premiums etc. I've been told by work colleagues to go ahead with an injury claim but I'm rather hesitant to do this as I've always frowned upon it...what do others think? I'll post an update whenever there is any news on the situation. In regards to buying a new car...weirdly I'm feeling like I'll be replacing a dead pet with a similar breed etc so I'm not sure what to do...oh and I also can't find another Velvet Blue 330ci apart from the odd Clubsport/M3. Stay tuned...
  2. Funnily that was the words that I uttered when he said 8k...though I may have mumbled a couple of swear words as well Nope, he wasn't forthcoming with any help regarding showing me the damage etc...actually he was a bit of an a-hole about it and not at all chatty. Another thing I meant to add about the damage to the car is that when looking down the drivers side from the back to the front is that the front wing sticks out about 3/4". It's obviously part and parcel of the car being thumped into and shunted over the road from the left to the right. Yep, I'm coming around to the idea that buying it back would be crazy. Watch this space regarding any updates.
  3. @momo No worries mate and thanks very much for your help and advice. I've paid a visit to the body shop to have a chat. They've assessed the damage and sent off an email to Esure. Apparently according to the guy I spoke to there is damage to the chassis and also the suspension hence them giving an estimated repair bill of £8000...yes eight bloody thousand pounds. The words 'written' and 'off' are flashing before my eyes in bright green neon with flashing strobe lighting just to make sure it's visible. I'm now awaiting a phone call where they offer me approximately 34p...well once they stop laughing to themselves that is. I shall update this as and when they do...
  4. @momo Cheers mate, yep that's what I keep telling myself that it could have been so much worse. I've had the car just over 2.5 years so I'm not sure whether they will take that into account...though I still have the original receipt/bill of sale. Regarding buying it back. I've yet to hear from the bodyshop/garage (which btw isn't in Sidcup like I was originally told...it's apparently being dealt with by Southside A R C Limited in Woolwich/Thamesmead) I'm assuming they'll price the work up by using brand new parts possibly ordered from Germany instead of 2nd ones...thus making the job far outweighing the value of the car. Having a brief look on ebay came up with the parts needed all for a reasonable price...course fitting/labour is where the money is spent. I'd even happily drive round with mis-matched coloured panels for a while until such a time as I could afford to get them resprayed. @TriggerFish Thanks mate, yep we're both ok though my passenger took the brunt of the crash. Thanks very much for the kind offer of the headlight...I'll bear that in mind when I decide whether I'll fix her up myself. On a side note...when they finally get round to offering me the cash, where do they get their information from as trying to find another velvet blue 330ci is rather difficult. Thanks again for all the help. BG
  5. Hi folks, firstly I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019. Bit of bad news concerning my 330ci... To cut a looooonnng story short I unfortunately was involved in a car accident on Christmas day. Myself and my passenger were ok thankfully. The other driver admitted fault according to the police officers who attended the scene. He basically came straight out of a side street and smashed into the front/nearside of my car damaging the bumper/bonnet/wing/headlight etc (see attached pics). According to my insurance company (Esure) they will more than likely write the car off. It's as I write this being transported from a recovery compound in Hoo (Kent) to a workshop/garage in Sidcup who will assess the damage and confirm whether it can be repaired and at what cost. I'm basically steeling myself for bad news as I'm fully aware that they see it as an old vehicle no matter how rare it is or what the mileage is etc. This is my first major accident where it may result in having my car written off. I'm basically writing all this to ask for any opinions that people have regarding the process that I'll go through (buying the car back from them, possible amount that they will offer me etc). Thanks very much for your input. Suffice to say I'm very sad to see her go
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I decided to plump for the Inspection 2 in the end as the mechanic very kindly attempted to speak to the previous garages regarding what work they carried out but unfortunately there was no answer. Total cost was £342. PS It was all to no avail...see new post!!!
  7. Cheers mate, I'll pull my finger out and get it booked in at my local dealerships.
  8. Rather emarrassingly I received the letter concerning the possible airbag fault ages ago...but up to this point I've done nothing about it...which is very silly!
  9. Hi all, Been ages since I've been on here it seems but thought I'd have a perusal once again. I still have the same car which is a 2002 330ci in Velvet Blue. It's just a quick query about having it serviced. It's overdue for one so I've booked it in for tomorrow. I'm not sure which one is should be ie Inspection 1, 2 or a basic oil service. I've asked for an Inspection 2 but will have a chat with the main mechanic in the morning and show him the service book. I'll attempt to attach a pic of said book... Thanks very much for any help on the matter. PS Meant to add that the reason I'm a bit confused is the lack of info on the last service ie no tick!
  10. Hi folks, Thanks very much for the replies. Quick update on the above matter... Left for work on Monday morning at about 5:30am to find the light still illuminated...damn! But...when I finished work and started the car about 2pm the light didn't come on and ever since then it hasn't come back. I've used the car in the exactly the same way that I normally do apart from not having done the 60 or so miles that I did coming back from the coast last Sunday. I suppose it's not really worth me forking out £50 or thereabouts for a diagnostic check if they might not find anything wrong. I'll do another update in a while on the appearance or not of said yellow light
  11. Thanks for your reply Mick, I replaced those two intake pipes with two new ones bought from the Stealers when I bought the car last year as they were covered in blue tape and obviously leaking. I'll have a look at them tomorrow when I get back from work...and dear god was it a fiddly job getting them off and the new ones on...resulted in a severe loss of skin and many many expletives. I may have to book it in for a quick diagnostic check tomorrow or Tuesday.
  12. Thought it worth adding that the car doesn't seem to be losing power, rough idling or bad fuel consumption. Also it's a 2002 330ci with about 102000 miles. Could it have something to do with the fact that it's ruddy hot outside? (yep, I'm clutching those long plastic drinking aids with that comment) Gaz
  13. Hi folks, Wonder if anyone can help on an issue with one of the warning lights on the dash coming on. I've just got back from the coast for the weekend and having stopped the car for a bit to have a quick drink (30 mins or so) a light has come on when I re-started the car to drive the last few miles home. It was a yellow one which didn't concern me at first and having got home I've looked in the Handbook for information and it said the following... 'Engine. Exhaust emission values have deteriorated. Please arrange for the problem to be examined by BMW Service' Is this something which needs looking at asap or something not to worry about too much? Or perhaps a bottle of Cataclean or similar might help! Any help would be gratefully appreciated...thanks very much, Gaz
  14. Well it's taken about an absolute age but it's all finally fitted... I ended up removing the glove box but didn't bother with the air vents as they were just not budging and I didn't really want to force them. Removing the side airbag strip/trim was a pain as I didn't realize that the 3 bolts holding it on were roughly 48 feet long. The DAB antenna was fixed to the windscreen and the lead run down inside the trim piece then it was pushed snugly between the rubber seal and the dashboard then around the glove box and into the stereo. Pushing all the wires and boxes back safely behind the stereo took a while but was worth the hassle. Everything works as it should including the DAB. Thanks very much to all those who've helped in the process...these things can take time! Here's a couple of pics of the install
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