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  1. haven't actually driven this since it broke down it sat untouched for most of the summer been busy the last few weekends and made some good progress! just one pic for now ill updated this properly soon
  2. trusty kode wheel making its way in to its 4th car sorted out what was left of the radio loom and got this working,its just resting for now till my cage and trim arrive from murica ripped this piece of crap out took it out in the rain for the first time balding jinyu 215s on the rear are good fun i had the lights wipers radio heaters on and all that killed off the alternator 90miles from home. i made it 75miles on the battery before the inevitable happened,2hrs later rac loaned me a battery to get home started stripping to get the alternator off,all bumper bolts and clips wtf thats up to date for now
  3. yea its been fun....... not im pretty much done now boot release is the only thing left to get working. well its been sitting for 4-5years so dam good service and bay clean new cambelt water pump thermostat,just make it solid basically. mods well just the usual really but im going to take it slow and do it over time so it stays interesting to me! coilovers,wheels,fmic,decat,fuel pump,up the boost,im thinking i might look at a bypass valve and keep the stock exhaust for the best of both worlds i may spray it white and get some new bumpers
  4. it was a total but i hate interior trims the more now i put pics of the wiring in the other car thread
  5. 2 days after i bought it i took it out for a run came back tried to start it and it wouldn't even turn over and was making a quiet beeping sound,it had 3 different leds around the dash and switches. i assumed it had an after market immobliser fitted so i decided to take the battery off what a bad move that was! the loudest alarm ive ever heard kicked in reminded me of hammonds bmw in the e30 episode. i found the gash harness ripped the earth and live and it fired right up took me under 5 mins to defeat it and im no car thief after doing that i lost door locks boot release and the car thought the door was open when the head lights were on. set about removing it all and found a true horror story! wires literally twisted and taped into everything
  6. been 2 years since my last ancient rwd turbo car so i figured it was time for another financial mistake. always liked the soarer and the 1jz has been on my engines to own tick list for ages now so when this came up under 100miles away and for less than 3k had to place a bid! its been wired by a blind man and already left me stranded but its dam fun even on stock boost. its a 1991 imported 1jz-gte slushbox
  7. it had an alarm and immobiliser twisted and taped into everywhere causing utter carnage. it also had the remains of an after market sound system which must have toasted the alternator,first trip out in it after i had rewired everything it died. rac had to bring me another battery to get it home i may start a thread in the other section got loads of pics of the work so far
  8. ive wanted a 1jz for pretty much ever so doubt ill be selling any time soon! needs more work than i first realise
  9. i sold this last month and have been regretting it ever since it has been exported to Portugal! bought another project/weekend car which im dallying till i find the 20ds replacement
  10. did you slacken the nuts lever end before adjusting at the wheels?
  11. first thing i would do is either charge or jump the battery and test the running voltage,then go from there..
  12. ah yes hoath way has been my favourite testing spot for a while yea will do
  13. i only just started driving it again been parked up for 2 and bit months. plus its not that loud ive never seen either of you about or a decent e46 for that matter.
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