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  1. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Little update. After getting used to it, the clutch seems to be a bit harder to get a nice bite on until it's warm, but other than that I can't complain. The pedal doesn't squeak now either which is a plus. Since I had a few days off I decided to crack on with all the bits I had ordered for the remaining maintenance. Including replacing the leaking thermostat along with the rad and expansion tank too, which I should have done when I did the water pump really. The drop links also needed doing as one was split and the pads were all around 3mm so replaced them with Brembos and bled the brakes... for good reason. Because I like to do lots of things at once, while the wheels were off I cleaned them back and front and coated them with some Poorboys wheel sealant, we'll see how it lasts.
  2. E46 320ci M-Sport

    Definitely one of the nicest colours available, great find. OEM+ is the best route to go down as well IMO, keen to see how you clean it up. 👍
  3. Rich's Supercharged 325Ci MSport.

    Nice work on the calipers, I can see the picture. How does the IAC valve delete work?
  4. Black 330d Sport Touring

    😍 Blackberry interior! That would have been perfect. I'm impressed with your angel eyes wiring, nicely done.
  5. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    OH BOY! I'm not usually a fan of red cars, but this really pops, especially under those lights. That ceramic coat is mental!
  6. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    That's impressive! I think it was Haywards Heath Road or Balcombe like you say, are you from nearby? We were out looking to take a picture with the viaduct in the background but couldn't. And yes, the aftermarket headlights were a poor choice.
  7. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    I've only just noticed that the rear diffuser has been colour coded purple too! Has it always been like that?
  8. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    I agree, I much prefer the facelift, but at the same time I'm glad the M3 kept the pre-facelift headlights.
  9. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Thanks, it drives exactly the same as it did before it was knackered - I'd been dealing with the judder or getting lifts to and from work for 2 weeks so it's good to be able to enjoy it again. I'm thinking of turning the old flywheel into a clock for above my toolbox.
  10. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Pretty much done for now with messing around with "mods". Decided against coilovers and wheels and am saving for an M3. On the maintenance side of things I had a really bad judder form the clutch pedal, for a while I thought I'd forgotten how to find the bite but I was assured by a co worker that it wasn't just me. So I whipped the gearbox out and went for a solid flywheel conversion from Valeo at a cost of £376. I believe it was the dual mass having a bit of play in it that was causing my issue but feeling it didn't reveal anything excessive. The new one is also not self adjusting so the pedal is a bit lighter. While the gearbox was out I replaced the starter as it doesn't retract fast enough in start up sometimes so makes an embarrassing noise. Also went for a new guibo as the old one had a crack and it was out. I also went for another photoshoot, this time in Regents Park.
  11. Uprated number plate bulb problems?

    I don't know if this helps you but I bought some LED number plate bulbs and they came in a pack of 10. I obviously only need the two I've got in and a spare set, so I can post you a pair if you want? They're bright and have lasted me months without issues.
  12. Grant's E46 Compact

    I respect you for undertaking this, a 325ti would indeed be "too straightforward" and good on you for making sure its sorted first before you dump all your money on mods. Do you reckon you'll end up going for big power with the 330d or just play it by ear?
  13. Remapping a e46 330ci convertible

    Please don't even think about it . You could get a nice re-trimmed steering wheel and have a hundred quid left over for that price. As has been stated above, factory N/A cars are pushed pretty close to the limit as it is, you'd be lucky to get 20bhp with a full exhaust system.
  14. Turbo Charged build thread...

    Almost forgot about this, I never knew that about con rods! The manifold is looking nice, I can't wait to see you get it all fitted in. I'm guessing you're going to keep the bonnet the same or is an M3 style one possibly necessary for intake pipe room over the top of the engine?
  15. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Time for a decent update. Back in August I carried out the annual service, this year it consisted of an oil filter, gearbox and diff oil as well as a full coolant flush. The coolant flush was well overdue anyway but I decided to change the water pump as the same time to one with an upgraded metal impeller from Meyle. Taking out the old one revealed there was a lot of play in it and was probably living on borrowed time. It also revealed itself as the horrible noise I had been chasing for ages from the engine at idle. I also had to replace the driver door lock as it was not unlocking on the key, but fortunately you can get good ones on eBay for £30. I tried soaking it in WD40 and silicone spray for a while to see if I could free it up that way but had no success. Then I tried my hand at leather restoration on my gear lever using the furniture clinic kit the results were fantastic, but says to leave 24 hours before using (which I did) and soon after using it all the dye rubbed away. Maybe I needed to leave it a little longer. Next I got round to fitting my new centre console, the old one was letting down the interior since I had the gear lever gaiter and surround improved and a brand new sliding compartment. Then, a few weeks back, I decided to tackle a shark fin delete, which was surprisingly easy, but does require patience. If I was to do it again i would double layer some masking tape around the outline to be safe, but I wouldn't say it was necessary. To start off with I began cutting away as much of the rubber as I could, to give me some levering room, I've read that you want to lever it front to back rather than side to side to avoid denting the roof. Then I proceeded with my heat gun, just trying to rock the fin back enough to get my squeegee underneath it. Once I did, I needed a microfibre/terry cloth to put under the squeegee so you can start really lifting up the fin. At the point where I could get my fingers underneath it, it was time to keep alternating between heating the glue and cutting it. Once it starts to go it becomes really easy, at which point it comes straight off and just needs a bit of glue remover and polish. The wire pulls out between the bead and the body and goes through a grommet under the bootlid on the left going into the wheelarch. I just cut it off and told myself I'd finish it properly one day but I've honestly forgot. Finally I purchased some new Magnetti Marelli headlights as I decided to go back to full OEM (which let's be honest is always best) and popped in some Phillips Whitevision headlight bulbs and silver indicators. I also got some SSDD M3 style wing mirrors with an electric fold switch. I plan to code them to operate on lock/unlock one day. To capture all the magnificence I went out with my amateur photographer / fellow car person / good friend on Sunday to get some pictures. On the journey there I was ovetaken by a Clubsport on the A23 (Might've still been on the M25). Reg was something like "A4 ALX" that's no-one on here is it? We were looking for somewhere with a nice rolling countryside as a backdrop but there was nowhere to pull over really so we had to improvise. I think we did OK... Thanks for reading, comments of course welcome