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  1. Hi folks is anyone selling a convertable roof repair kit top c column (bat wings) ????
  2. Hi mate How's did it go with the waterless coolant?
  3. Is that what I ask bmw for when ordering the part?
  4. Could someone tell me what this part is called on my 330ci It's situated on the end of propshaft close to the diff
  5. Thanks good link It does seem strange why it's jumping forward so much. I'll have a look tomorrow at the propshaft see if there's any slack on it
  6. Hi thanks for the reply I've replaced the engine mounts and the gearbox mounts Should the propshaft move that much?
  7. E46 330ci manual differential issues here's a video of my diff in action can anyone advise what to do?
  8. Here's a better video I done today some cracking to the casing surrounding the bolts. Should there be this much movement from the differential to the propshaft ?????
  9. Heres a video I done last night sorry not much to see but you can hear the clunking I mentioned
  10. Thanks for the reply if I get underneath will i be able to see the problem? I'll get a video tonight of it and try to upload it
  11. Replaced both front engine mounts Replaced both gearbox mounts When pulling away in first it's like someone is hitting me from the back of the car. Any ideas ?????? Cheers
  12. Today I finally got around to fitting my new engine mounts to solve the clunking noise coming from underneath. After fitting them and a test run discovered no difference. So I then went to fit the gearbox ones to discover that one of the mounting lugs on the gearbox had been snapped off. Couldn't believe it Has anyone had this problem ? If so what did you do to fix it ?
  13. Yeah a few vids on YouTube did say they work better on the projector headlights rather than the standard ones. Can imagine the pattern would be all over on the halogen type. Cars almost on the road I think I'll have a go at these and update when I've installed them.
  14. That's what I'm thinking have a look on YouTube they look good
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