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  1. Ok, so there is a bit of the bolt poking out the back. Might be a possibility. Otherwise can anyone tell me if the hub off of other e46 3 series i.e 325 or 330 petrol would be a direct swap or would only the 330d hub be a match
  2. Another day another issue. So got back from india to find one of my front springs had snapped (the joy) so bought new shocks and springs (was going to get round to it anyway). Done one side then on passenger side I have broken the bolt that holds the one shock to the hub and it's still in there. So I have two options. One: get the bolt drilled out or use one of them "easy" out reverse thread things or I was thinking buy another hub (complete) and replace it that way and forget the bolt and old shock. My question is, is the hub going to be easy to take off? I belive it's only held on by the shock, sway bar and wish bone or something like that. Would I need a special tool to get the bearings off or don't I need to get involved in that? Just every video on the Internet when you type in remove hub ect.. show someone using a special hammer device to remove the bearing?! But I assume I don't need that as I'm just going to use the bearing one the donor hub. If anyone can send me a link of how to do it or just explain a few bits that would be much appreciated. Lee
  3. Cheers mate will give them a call when I get back from sunny india!!
  4. Hi guys been a while since I have been on here! Have been busy with them car in my spare time so far have managed to: fuel, air and oil filter change, egr delete, de cat, new shoes all round, uprated rear disc and pads. She is the 330d 184bhp auto. I still want to do: change crank case breather from looking roll to vortex (can anyone tell me do I just need to buy a new housing and filter and it will straight swap?) Part numbers would be great! Need new intercooler as has leak in it I suspect from oil on turbo side of intercooler I would love a forge or allard but just don't have that kind of cash! Would also like to get rid of them droopy tap look at the back of them car so any ideas on a good swap? 330c exhaust swap straight over or minor mods? Again don't want a ££££ bill for shiny exhaust when something else will do just as well. So after a bit of background my question is. I want to have my car remapped on their rollers anyone from West Sussex or close by know a good place to go? Also have i missed anything that I should be changing befor I remap? Any advise welcomed
  5. Have you checked for any leaks in the pipes? I had the metal cooling pipe that runs to the egr crack on me and did the same thing lost all turbo power. It didn't throw up a fault code too. They are soooooo slow when there is no turbo.
  6. Are you saying the car won't move at all or just has no boost?
  7. Right! Good news the car is running again with no issues. Gave a large amount of black smoke but I expect that's a build up from having the crack in the pipe. My next question is the cooler part of the three pipes has brackets but I have no bolts to hold it on. I don't know if they where there when it went into the garage or not but it would explain why the other pipe cracked because of the vibration, so can anyone tell me what bolts I need to get or where I can find this out. Cheers
  8. Update: so I have taken the old pipe off now and am awaiting the replacement so I can fit it on my next day off. Fingers crossed this is all the issue and that order is restored, i will probably blank off the egr but problem I'm having is that there are 4 pipes involved in this part and I can't block the cooling pipes that run into the egr cooler just in case it also runs to other parts in the engine not to mention blocking it off down by the turbo would be a pain. If it was even do able. Will let you know if it is fixed on Tuesday.
  9. Update. So car has been in the garage and they have found a crack in the egr cooler pipe.So ordered a new one of those, hoping this is what has caused the lack of power have noticed there are 3 outlets to the pipe can anyone tell me what each of the gose to? Could I not just blank them all off and do a egr delete? Also would this crack cause my lack of power? Thanks
  10. Yes that sounds like what mine has done. Did you refurb your turbo or just get a new one
  11. Hi guys got some bad news, first off its a e46 330d auto. coming home today and I started to loose power atound the 2k mark also noticing there was no turbo spool. At this point I pulled over to have a look. I have put the car into nuteral and she revs up like nothings wrong??? Go to drive away again and there is just no power she crawls up to 40 and I notice a small amount to smoke from the rear and a burning smell. even all this going the Eml didn't come on. So I'm thinking turbo has had its last spin but I'm no mechanic any one got any ideas? Many thanks lee
  12. I'm going to do the egr when I do the swirl flaps so it all goes back clean. Then I can disable the egr I belive.... And bypass it that way. Put new thermo, water pump, viscous clutch etc a few weeks ago I regret not taking any pics since being on here lol. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crankcase-Breather-Vortex-Type-BMW-E46-E90-318d-320d-M47N2-engs-11127799224-/272210549295?hash=item3f61035a2f:g:f7sAAOSwTapV3ZMf so even though this is for the later engine it will still fit direct to mine? Is it better to buy from bmw or will this be ok? Lee
  13. Sounds good to me, what make are the plates? Looked into the auto box filter thinking about it too just don't want to mess anything up in there. Could end up doing more harm the good. Are you going to change the breather to vortex or sticking with the old style?
  14. Hi guys and gals just joined the site yesterday after some recommendations from friends, have just bought a 330d se...... Yes it's an auto but I'm getting use to it anyway. Have been under the bonnet and done afew bits I think should be done just for piece of mind I.e. Fuel, oil and air filter new oil. Have been looking around and people say I should change the crankcase breather from the loo roll to a vortex ( it's a 2001) couple of questions about that. Do I need to change the housing as well? And will the 04 onwards housing be a direct swap for what's on there now. Also the dreded swirl flaps I belive I need the 22mm, this is where I might sound silly but you can buy them in sets of 4, don't I need 6? And lastly is there anything else I should be changing in regards to keeping the engine sweet? Many thanks Lee
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