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  1. You may be interested in seeing this video on YouTube featuring the building of E46's...
  2. Gave the car a good clean and pamper. Love the shape of E46 Coupes!! Incidentally, car "chirrups" when I start it up as if something is loose. Car is a 52k 320Cd. Anyone else experienced this?
  3. I had a 1987 XR2 in white and yeah - great car. See here...
  4. We all agree that we've now been swayed by the BMW bug at least at some point, but what was your first car? To start the ball rolling, here's mine back in 1982...
  5. Don't have a problem at the moment (apart from the sensors / reversing lights), just trying a bit of foresight in case I do!. Thanks for that - worth bearing in mind.
  6. Does anyone on here have a local BMW specialist that they use in the Stoke / Staffordshire Moorlands area?
  7. Well the reversing lights and parking sensors lasted for all of three days, so obviously there is a fault somewhere. Has anyone experienced a similar thing and might know a common fault to do with this happening? I know electrics on cars can be a nightmare to trace and I'm no expert!!. Also I'm wondering if a car with no reversing lights and sensors (if fitted) would fail an MOT? It's not due until June so I have plenty of time to get it sorted. Any advice gratefully appreciated,
  8. I'll be definitely getting a magnet on a stick in the future. Don't want to be in that position again!. Back to the original theme of the thread, the reversing lights and parking sensors have now stopped working again!!. Obviously another blown fuse which I'm taking to be a deeper electrical problem and a bugger to find. Back to square one...
  9. FINAL UPDATE - promise to never mention the subject again!!. Was determined to get the car to the garage as getting to the tray was near impossible in the confined space I had. Never realised how low these cars actually are! Went against the rag idea, so got a jar lid, placed it over the hole and fastened it securely down with gaffer tape. Started the engine and oil oozed out everywhere. Back to square one! Then my neighbour came up with an idea - TOP TIP guys. He placed an aerosol lid over the hole, then used a thick car sponge over the top and pulled down the bonnet. This effectively sealed the hole and stopped it moving about. To cut a long story short, I got the car to the garage. Only two and a half miles but it felt like the longest journey of my life!! No dashboard lights came on. Car taken straight in, no oil had leaked and the added bonus - the cap was still sitting in the undertray. To top it all - there was no charge for the work either! Thanks for your advice guys - much appreciated.
  10. SUCCESS and then failure...didn't realise that the fuse box hung from the roof of the glove box - found it easily after your advice, Checked the fuse and it had blown. Replaced fuse and hey presto! Reversing lights AND parking sensors working!! BUT then I've done a stupid thing! Topping the car up with oil I knocked the cap off the top of the engine and down into the engine compartment. Totally inaccessible. It seems to be resting on some sort of undertray under the car. My question is...being totally ham-fisted in the technical department, can I drive the car two and a half miles to the nearest garage to get them to take the undertray off to get the cap back and will a rag in the filler hole be safe or will it get sucked into the engine??? It would be laughable if I wasn't such a technical idiot. Your URGENT advice would be greatly appreciated as I need to take the car up first thing in the morning. Thanks.
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    From the album: 2005 320Cd

  16. Thanks for the advice - I'll have a closer inspection this morning. Much appreciated.
  17. UPDATE - listened to the sensors with the car in reverse and key in the correct position - nothing. Not a click to be heard. Then realised today that I have no reversing lights either (probably why I caught the wall!). This sounds like a fuse issue but having looked in the handbook, it says that the box is in the glove box with a flap that pulls down. Mine looks like a solid piece of plastic - can't see where anything opens. Am I being stupid? Are all fuse boxes in the same place??
  18. Tried the WD40 trick but not successful. Going to have a listen shortly to see if I can hear the clicking sound. What if none of them click?. Could this be a fuse issue and if so, which one?. I've managed to celebrate the new year by scraping the car up against a wall. Front wing and passenger door damaged but I got away with it quite well. It's bloody annoying if someone else damages your car but when you do it yourself!. I was livid lol! A call to Chips Away may be on the cards - I think they can make a good job of it!
  19. Apologies as I'm sure this topic will have been covered in detail on here elsewhere but I cannot find it. What's the reason that rear parking sensors would suddenly stop operating without warning - no warning beep or anything? Is there a simple fix? Thanks.
  20. Not been looked after, warm climate, no tlc given to the car at all. AND he ends up nit-picking about mainly the interior - things that can be put right with ease!. What about the rest of the car? All cars have problems and I'm sure cars of a similar age in those circumstances would fare much worse. 11 minutes of my life I won't get back!
  21. Thanks RASA - I think you've hit the nail on the head. This cold weather seems to make the oil a bit "heavier". Is that the right terminology? Hence the perceived extra noise. Took the car down to the garage today. Couldn't compare with the other car but got the mechanic to have a listen and check it over. He says not only is it fine, but it sounds really sweet for a four cylinder BMW diesel! May get some sound deadening fitted anyway but it looks like it's my paranoia over my first ever diesel engine.
  22. 2005 320Cd - 45k when bought in June and just about to come up to 50k in the next few weeks.
  23. No I'm not expecting miracles. A diesel is a diesel after all. Having deadening will obviously make at least a slight improvement but I'm concerned that the engine is noisier than it should be. I'm planning on going back to the garage I had it from tomorrow. They have an identical model in for sale (similar mileage - same year) and I'm going to ask whether I can compare the two if only for piece of mind.
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