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  1. I fitted Koni special active shocks on the rear (fronts later) These are the replacement for the Koni FSD shocks from a few years back. All I can say is the car turns better, corners slightly flatter and rides bumps much better than before. I worry about ruining the ride every time I think of suspension but these are so smooth and quiet I'm really impressed. Cant wait to do the fronts and maybe get some uprated ARBs on!
  2. I used to retail Gliptone scuffmaster dyes and I've always loved the cinnamon interior, however i've never seen one for sale. You could buy a grey interior and dye it, it isnt difficult if you follow the instructions. You'd have an interior that looked new aswell. Probably cost £150 for the dye and whatever for a grey interior. You could recoup most of that by selling your black interior afterwards. You won't be able to turn a black leather interior into a cinnamon one, the darker colour will always show through.
  3. Sorted it's Q9LT Bespoke Leathering are going to sort out some dye after I send them a sample. I feel like i'm talking to myself...
  4. One of my rear windows doesn't open or close. Fitted a replacement motor from a breakers and still nothing. I can hear a slight click when I press the switch and the fuses are ok. Anyone had this problem?
  5. I recently bought a 330ci with V5LT yellow Nappa leather. I wanted to refresh the bits which are slightly worn so I've purchased a dye from Gliptone in the correct code but - it doesn't match. The interior colour is a beige/ tan / yellow mix but the dye is pure yellow and looks nothing like it. I'm struggling to work out what to do next? Anyone have any ideas? ic
  6. I think they're £33 but you also need the back bit with the coinholder. I have a phone dock so I'd need both.
  7. I've seen the cupholders and coin tray on eBay for £22 or so, has anyone fitted these and do they look ok? EBay link
  8. I thought that. I'll put a few pics up tomorrow
  9. Thread bump! I picked my new 330ci up yesterday and it has this leather. It's on the spec sheet as V5LT light yellow excl Nappa Leather. Looks amazing!
  10. I'd like to get decent speakers like Focal for instance. I did a similar thing in my E36 and the sound was very good.
  11. I was hoping not to go down the aftermarket route but if the standard hu is no good then I will. Is there much difference in sound quality with the later alpine mp3 units? Ive been down the android route before and the one I had was really quite good. I don't fancy paying £150 for a relocation kit though!
  12. Hi, i'm Mark 49 from Plymouth I'm picking up a pre fl 330ci sport next week This one I've owned numerous BMWs before (e36 M3, 328i, 330d touring, 130i m sport ) and now after a 2 year renaultsport phase I'm back in an e46. I was looking for a facelift one but they all seem to be snapped up by dealers and resold for £3k more. The one I'm getting seems really clean, lots of money spent on it and I love the colour combo.
  13. Hi guys, ive just bought this car 330ci I've seen an iPod adaptor which plugs into the CD changer port This one does every head unit have the port?
  14. Great looking car. This is my first post here, I'm looking to get a really nice 330ci sport next year.I'm currently driving a 130i m sport and while it's a great car I prefer the 'classic' BMW coupe shape.
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