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  1. Yeah could be but sounds a lot like the brake area.. Did the 'test' by pulling handbrake up when driving and sound goes quieter so I'm guessing handbrake shoes too now will get it in garage soon when I can get a day off from work
  2. Yeah that's a good idea I've had a similar sound on a previous car .. Most of the time it just does a metal scrape like as if pads are low .. Then now and again a horrible clunk sound sounds like I've ran over something and stuck under car lol or as if something is very loose and going to fall off
  3. 323ci coupe lowered on coilovers running on Bola B1.. Keep getting a scraping sound from rear passenger wheel (sounds like when pads are low etc) then shortly after I get a loud clunk and you can feel the clunk too.. Then it stops ..but if it starts with the scraping sound again then it clunks again. Really strange ..got underneath and can't see anything obvious ..any suggestions ?
  4. Ok thanks for your advice mate will defo check him out !
  5. Cheers bud dropped 80mm on Raceland coilovers yeah am going to look through all info in the next few days cheers
  6. Hi names dean from Paignton Devon got a 323ci very happy with it haha looking forward to wading through the helpful info on here cheers
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