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  1. Hi all, Some help required please - I want to replace the ignition coils on my 02 330Ci. Is it best to stick with bosch/haas parts or can i buy some of the cheaper items on ebay? They have really good reviews and some forums recommend them? Does anyone have any experience to shed? Thanks a lot
  2. Brilliant thanks a lot for all the advice. Will give it a go
  3. Update for any who are interested Managed to unplug the cord leading from the tank to the headlight washer. Took a screw, wrapped it in PTFE tape and plugged it in the whole. As of now - leak has stopped. Very pleased
  4. Thanks a lot for the tips guys. Not very DIY over here. Any chance there's any good DIY videos/photo follow throughs that I can follow or you describe really simply which bits need removing & plugging? Thanks a lot. Much appreciated
  5. Problem is it's just leaking when the cars not being used. I don't want to use them? And I've hArdly driven the car in the rain. Is there a way of unplugging them that's fairly simple or plugging the wires up?
  6. Hi Guys - Bit of help please 2002 330Ci Getting what I assume is washer fluid leaking front RHS and the low fluid light comes on probably once a week at the moment I have to keep topping it up. I think it's the front right headlight washer as I'm getting a puddle around the light on the Tarmac so Am I right in thinking if I disconnect the pump for them this will help my problem? If not could someone give me some tips on what I can disconnect/plug up to fix this? Any help much appreciated. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the replies guys.it doesnt have any pairing button but it has the buttons on the steering wheel? It has the sharkfin aerial though?
  8. Hi Guys Recently bought a 2002 E46 330Ci and its quite well specced. I was wondering if it had bluetooth connectivity possibly even though its an old car? And if it possibly does how I could find out and get that working? Cheers
  9. No didn't change any of the bulbs in there. Just changed the outer covers
  10. Hi, I changed the rear boot/inner lights on my 2002 E46 330Ci yesterday. I checked they all work fine afterwards but this morning I have the drivers side warning light on my dashboard. Any tips on how to sort this out & get this removed please? Thanks in advance
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