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  1. Hi dude my fault code is egr air mass to high but no dash lights. what have you done too yours mate?
  2. If you can then I would say it is done in dis bud I didn't know there was a fuel temp sensor tbh 😂 were is it located?
  3. Hi bud you can try clearing the adaptations if you have inpa do a live read on the maf and see what the values read for desired and actual values. im having big issues with my 320d maf I have tried resetting the adaptations but no joy 😞
  4. Hi bud it's probably the relays in the gm5 module have gone common fault you can have them repaired that way you have to re code it.
  5. Guess it gives you time to save up for some good tyres mate I love the Pirelli p zero's really good all round tyre.but would definitely have the tracking checked.
  6. Hi You will fine its the seals in the washer squirter it's self my e46 did the same probably this cold weather has started the leak off. i removed the headlights to gain access to them.i have left them unplugged as the limescale stains the head lights. is yours pre face or facelift?
  7. Like ruesta said definitely double check the lolly pops I have poly bushed both my e46s but meyle are very good. have you had tracking checked on a 4 wheel alignment and the camber too.
  8. Don't get me wrong the torque is very good for a 2litre but when you drive a good m54 lump it puts a big smile on my face.saying that I really need to pull my finger out and do the vanos seals a possible piston rings as number 3 cylinder drops compression now and again.but knowing me if I had the engine out the head would get stage 2/3 and maybe a supercharger 😬 Be a very nice noise if it was the v8 mate 😁 Btw your coupe looks very well have you any more pics of it?
  9. Sounds good buddy I would go for the petrol too my diesel has been nothing but trouble for me.you will have to put some pics up of the x5 when you get it 😬
  10. Cheers buddy 😂 the misses got the coupe first and then I drove the car and got the bm bug 😊 Yea I don't mind the x5 they look well from behind with the fat tyres and the negative camber. what you after petrol or diesel?
  11. Hi chaps just thought I'd put some pics of my e46 my 320d and my partners 325 msport still looks good for an old girl.car looks good too 😂
  12. Your probably right buddy my bad 😳
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